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    • Sat, 03/06/2021 03:30 PM
      Get ready for a 52 mile double feature on this day run up Harquahala Mountain and through the Big Horn Mountains!
      Harquahala Mountain: the tallest peak in SW Arizona, chock-full of history. With this trail, you can drive all the way to the summit (a 3,360ft climb, summit at 5,600ft)! Trail length is 11mi up, 11mi back. Big Horn Mountain Trail: A run across open desert between two beautiful Wilderness Areas (Hummingbird Springs and the Big Horn Mt. Wilderness). Trail length is 25 miles, one way.  
      Both of these trails are rated as easy and make for a great day out in your favorite stock 4x4 with low-range.
    • Tue, 03/09/2021
      Heading down Bonanza Wash on Tuesday, March 9.  Where the heck?!   Head north on US Highway 93, get fuel in Wickenburg, then meet us at the intersection of Highway 93 and Highway 71.  From there we continue to drive north on 93, towards Burro Creek.  (Yes, you know - one of my favorite areas!)  We'll pause in the deserted "town" of Nothing Arizona and head off trail from there.  This is a short trail - 4.3 miles one way,  and I have done it once before....I'd rate it moderate because there is this one section...
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    • Sat, 03/20/2021
      Let me start by stating this is not an actual Jeep run.  This is an event put on by MG Shooters twice a year where folks basically bring out all types of firearms, artillery, weapons, etc. and shoot/blow stuff up for 3 days (Fri.-Sun.).  This event is about 10 miles NE of Wikieup (as the crow flies) and costs $35 per spectator, $35 is for a 3 day pass.
      12 miles after passing Wikieup on the right hand side is a dirt road called Lower Trout Creek Rd.  You turn right onto this road and follow the signs that take you to the event.  This is a maintained dirt road that a 2wd car can easily travel on.
      Map link of the dirt road: http://mgshooters.com/img/maps/normalway-map1.png
      I haven't been to this event in about 5-6 years but have gone to it several times and it's always a blast (no pun intended) to watch.  MG Shooters has a "rental tent" where you pay to shoot fully automatic weapons.  They have a variety of different weapons at different rental prices.
      Website link: http://mgshooters.com/index.php
      There's no rig limit, obviously, and I figured this would be fun for anyone, especially gun enthusiasts such as myself to go watch for the day.  They have food and drink available for purchase at the event but obviously you can bring your own.  Shooting starts at 9am so it's best to get there a little ahead of that.  Meet up time is 7:45am at Wikieup Trading Post then leave from there by 8:15am to get to the event.
      Shooting schedule: 9am-12pm, 1 hour break, 1pm-4pm, then from dark-9pm.
      Meet up location: map
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    • Sat, 03/27/2021
      Join up for the challenging but rewarding Charouleau Gap trail day run (difficult), Saturday March 27, 2021.   Sign up here
      (photo credit kaspily - Sarah Beth)
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