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  2. “Ask and you shall receive” If this isn’t an example of a great forum I don't know what is. Ask a question and get excellent advice from an admitted new trailer user and a very experienced “old hand”. No flaming, no wise ass remarks. Just solid advice given in two well written posts.
  3. Happy Birthday, young man !!
  4. Last week
  5. haha we have a year to plan our next attack! Thats cool that there is a mailing list. Do you know how to get onto it? Do I just call and ask for Mike? Thanks @Ladybug!
  6. No cute clips from me George! Just a special day to sign onto ORP and wish you the happiest of birthdays!!! smiles, ladybug
  7. I agree! Very well done Ryan! smiles, ladybug
  8. Just a heads up that we should get a few of us to try to get this permit during the call time? There are only 11 permits per season, and I've tried for 2 years without success. Maybe one of you technical guys can do robo-calling or something to get through? I call each year at exactly the time, and have yet to succeed. BTW Ryan - get on Mike's (at Forest Service) email list...that's how I was notified of the call date correction...Sorry I didn't know that you didn't know .... smiles, ladybug
  9. Happy B-day George! You're as healthy as an old Toyota. Many more trouble free miles and years to go. Have a great day sir.
  10. I agree, a Tacoma would have be a wiser choice.
  11. Happy birthday George. Enjoy!
  12. You always have the coolest parties!!! Happy Birthday Baby!!
  13. G, Oh. My. Gawd. You're. Old. !!! ...but still in better shape than most people i know - so live it up buddy and have a great one!
  14. FYI... you can browse to one or more photos on your computer to upload them into a message - or just drag and drop files right into the post editor area since we changed the forum software. you can also copy the URL from any image on the internet and just paste it in the post editor and to have it automatically embed the image without any need to use a specific "image" button anymore. same thing for videos. we do still have the Gallery area, which is great if you just want to make an album and upload a few photos without having a lot to say about them. with the current forum software it's much easier for people to comment-on, rate or "react" to photos/albums now too! and if you do create a Gallery album, then you can paste the URL of that album into the post editor and it will turn into a "rich preview" style link like this:
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE MONTANA! Cheers to you.. have a great day today and a happy, prosperous 2020
  16. Um, like, a long time ago? Hello! Kidding. But it it a lot easier to post pictures on the new forum software.
  17. d'oh! Guy should have bought a Tacoma.
  18. I just discovered that I don't have to add images to my gallery to post a picture. When did this begin?
  19. I found this on an FJC page and thought, "what a cool mod".
  20. FWIW, Moab is opening up. Karen & I were there last week, as the town begins to recover from the shut-down. Trails were open, however BLM and some state lands remain closed to camping, but restrictions are easing, and the national parks were scheduled to begin opening at the end of this month...
  21. A VERY thoughtful and informative write-up. Well done Ryan. I agree 100% with you observations and suggestions for improving the safety of towing. I've been towing trailers, for 50-plus years, and and teaching towing basics to test drivers for many of them, and I must say that you hit nearly all the important safety highlights squarely on the head. And most of the user friendly oriented ones as well, including some valuable helpful hints for those who are new to RV's with holding tanks. If I would add any thoughts, it would be to be ever mindful of the extra weight of towing a trailer that weighs nearly 2/3 the weight of the tow vehicle, causing braking distances to increase as much as double non-towing capabilities, and the potential for creating control issues, especially in down-hill situations and elevated speeds. Braking distances will increase in all situations, and depending on added weight, and braking balance of braking systems, creating the need for higher than normal distances to the vehicles in front of you. Additionally, the weight shift of the trailer adding extra load to the hitch of the tow vehicle, in all situations, but particularly when decending grades, tends to unload some weight from the front wheels of the tow vehicle (which BTW normally produce the bulk of normal braking effectiveness of a vehicle). This can be partially offset by proper installation of a load equalizing hitch, as you have wisely noted/suggested. Additionally the extra weight can cause increases in speed for the downhill situations, that may increase the tendencies of a towed trailer to begin to oscilate in a yawing (side-to-side) motions, which is also referred to as the tail (or trailer) to "waging the dog" (so-to-speak). This yaw moment can be significantly reduced by use of the sway control devices you alluded to, and is also helped by the use of a load equalizing hitch. Sound and thoughtful response, and tips shared Ryan. Well done indeed.
  22. The KZ Classic's are definitely good for a family. Thanks for the links for the rentals sites I will check them out. I like the KZ's & the R Pods, R Pods are moving to the top of the list. I am considering renting one for the dirt gala, not sure yet. I checked my Rubi's factory build and I have the Max Tow Package on mine. Unfortunately I only have the 4 Pin power adapter, so a 4 to 7 pin adapter /pig tail would be on my list. That list is starting to grow!
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