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  3. Just today GAIA announced this will now work on Android auto play. See blog https://blog.gaiagps.com/gaia-gps-on-android-auto/?utm_source=feature&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Android+Auto+Release+-+Premium
  4. The problem of having a windshield with no rake is having to clean off all the bugs.
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  6. finally got most of the mud cleaned off from our Woodchute Trail run - there really wasn't a lot, but i swear it seemed like it was Elmer's Glue based!
  7. I decided to include the magnetic mount antenna that came with my new Midland GMRS radio with the rest of the equipment, asking $15. Link to see antenna: MXTA13 Antenna Package deal would be $45.
  8. finished with that little project! here's the original bracket i made back in 2018 to mount a Geri container on the Teraflex Alpha Tire Carrier Hinge: and now, extended upwards: so my fuel or water tank can still site about the same place as before, or i can quickly move it up a notch if i'm on a difficult run and worried about dragging the tail. normal: high-clearance mode: i also drilled one of the Geri latches to fit a small lock so as to discourage the can from just up and walking away! the Geri water/fuel cans and latches are made by Expedition One.
  9. For many years we did the Gala at the Cinders OHV area in September and there was almost always a daily afternoon shower, but they typically only lasted an hour or two. I'd expect similar weather for the Williams area. We'll have several pop-ups and awnings for the group to hang-out under. As long as you have a decent tent with a rain-fly, I wouldn't be concerned. Typically there's more tent campers than RV's, and we've always been in a tent for this event ourselves.
  10. What happens if it's raining the weekend of the Gala? With the active monsoon AZ is having this year and the monsoon doesn't officially end until Sep. 30th rain/storms will be more of a concern to us tent campers.
  11. Details & Sign-Up Information
  12. Selling my 2019 Clean Raptor 700 SE Red,, Runs great, street tires and rims, mud tires and rims, nice pipe and chip, lots of power, and well kept. My bike is working perfectly okay and has no accident record. Asking price is $7,000 Item specifics Condition: Used Year: 2019 Vehicle Title: Clean Drive Train: 2-Wheel Drive Type: Sport Exterior Color: Red For Sale By: Private Seller Make: Yamaha Transmission Type: Manual Serious buyer should contact me: Email: leekin212@zoho.com Whatsapp: +1347-696-6053
  13. Massive thanks again to everyone that make the commute to the couch to log in for this "Crash Course"! I really had fun talking to you guys and gals, and I hope you found this helpful. As promised, here's the recording of the meeting, now on the ORP Youtube channel.
  14. This year's Gala is being organized 100% by Offroad Passport members! We'd like to extend a heartfelt "Thank you!" to the following folks for putting this all together, including spending their time & fuel scouting for camp sites: @4x4tographer & @Yodamom @Bradywgn71 & @kaspily @shellback91 @Trail Toy Ya'll are awesome! - The Offroad Passport Founders (Kristoffer, George & Diane)
  15. Yes, we can now accept Zelle in addition to Paypal or Cash/Check at the event - please see the updated donation payment info post. Thanks for asking!
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  17. We'll be bringing the following veggies for the dip contest. Cucumbers Carrots Celery Cherry/grape tomatoes Red bell pepper
  18. maps for those still using a traditional GPS device or the Garmin Basecamp software: https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/
  19. nice Colorado resource: https://staythetrail.org/map/ https://staythetrail.org/mvum/
  20. I follow the method described in the classic Johnny Cash song "One Piece At A Time". Easier on the wallet and less questions from my better half AKA My CFO.
  21. Start putting in the O.T., lol. We got serious about it a little over a year ago...and...we're broke, again, but look at all the cool toys!. Just remember, it's called camping not suffering. Be happy to share any knowledge we've gained.
  22. Baller find man! I'll add this to the main post to keep thing tidy. I'm really digging that site! Here's their AZ only plans.
  23. I am starting to get interested in over-landing and want to head down that path in the next year or so. To say I am clueless is an accurate statement, but hey everyone has to start somewhere, right? I am interested in 2-3 day trips to start but need to do a few mods(Extra Fuel carrier to start) and whatnot. I stumbled across an overland website that is free to join and has a variety of pre-built over-land routes. The routes have a Google map and GPX files available based on what see. Some are free and some you have to pay for. I only looked at a few on a high level and they seem very detailed. This may be something I use in the future in conjunction with other tools. I thought to pass it along should anyone be interested in it. https://www.overlandtrailguides.com/
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