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  2. I agree with this 100%. I’ve screwed with bear hangs in the Sierras where there are numerous suitable trees and it’s still a hassle. Ive never heard about the bear resistant sacks but let’s just say I’m skeptical. The bear can I have is a PITA to carry, it takes up a serious chunk of space in my pack. The ideal set up is two people sharing space with one person carrying the bear vault and a second person carrying the tent.
  3. Awesome tires on rocks and streets wet or dry. Great choice, and I think they're going to look bada$$. (Gosh tires went up fast! We got a set of KO2's earlier this summer for ~$250 ea.)
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  5. We went a few years ago with Rich & Kathy... It's a good time for sure... Enjoy ! ! !
  6. The Bullhead 4 Wheelers have an annual event coming up in Parker. George and I have never been, but we know that these trails are rated difficult. Posting this in case there's any interest, maybe we can get a few of us going together. Nov 3rd - Nov 6th Start times are below in description. "VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS" • Requirement 35 " Preferred 37" Tires • High Clearance • Front and Rear Lockers • Rock Sliders • Front Winch and Recovery Points • (POSSIBLE BODY DAMAGE) THESE ARE SOME OF THE TRAILS WE'LL BE RUNNING DOWN IN PARKER - Truman's Revenge, Rio Lobo's, President's Choice - 3 Slabs, True Grit, Duchess, . - Snakebite, Jbs Revenge - The Duke, Deliverance, Five Falls, Desert Bar We'll be meeting at La Paz county park at 8:30 am. Or you can meet us at Cienega Springs Rd off the 95 Hwy at 9:00 am On Cienega Springs Rd there's parking about 500 yd on the left hand side and that's where we'll meet. A lot of us are dry camping at La Paz county park and some are staying in Hotels/Airbnb. There are other campgrounds you can stay at as well like Buckskin or Pirates Den which you may have to reserve.
  7. thanks! we were looking for an A/T tire for noise, handling, MPG, and mileage - but with a somewhat aggressive looking tread just for the coolness factor. we also wanted something that was "Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol" rated since B will likely be going to college further north next fall. it came down to these Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T's or the venerable BFG KO2. they both have 50k mile tread warranties, and are both going for around $400 in the 35x12.5R17 size most places. Amazon happened to have the Mickey Thompson's for $375 and B slightly preferred their look anyway, so we had Discount Tire price match. also, pro-tip, if you are getting the certificates (road-hazard insurance), have them also price-match those from discounttiredirect.com - for whatever reason the certs on the "direct" site are about a third less than the normal in-person store price.
  8. an interesting article arguing against the established wisdom of a "hung bear bag" for food storage at camp when in bear country (and suggested alternatives): https://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/hiking-and-backpacking/bear-bags-ineffective/
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  10. Thank you! I try again to set the correct link: English: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/09/magic-earth-navigation-app.html German: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2022/09/offline-navigation-magic-earth-review.html Surfy
  11. Sounds good! I run this about every other weekend. It's a fun trail with lots of scenery and because it's close it doesn't take up the entire day.
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  13. Would also be interested in joining in a couple of weeks (early October).
  14. check out this neat glowing kayak or paddleboard tour of an abandoned flooded limestone mine in the Red River Gorge area (near Rogers,KY): https://www.gorgeunderground.com/crystal-kayak-tour/
  15. I concur with this . High octane fuel has a slower burn rate, to keep the fuel from burning too quickly (pre-detonation) in high compression engines. As for the fuel shut off valve, it is un-necessary if you use a fuel stabilizer (which is good for BOTH of the carbs your main tank feeds), then simply start and run both the generator and main powerplant periodically, which is actually goof for more than just the carbs. as the electrical generating equipment can also use an occasional bit of run-time to both exercise it and confirm no issues are present that require rectification before heading out on a trip. JMHO and experience. YMMV...
  16. SWEET ! ! ! Good to hear it finally worked out in your favor for you guys...
  17. I am open either day. See my other post from last week on how it normally goes: This is kina last minute so I won't post up all of the details until someone says 'Yeah lets do this'.
  18. i started to get a slight shimmy on certain bumps. while checking everything over, i noticed the Teraflex front lower control arms' rubber bushings (frame-side) are separating. i ordered replacements (Teraflex 4915161) already, and i'll also double check my toe hasn't gotten borked when i change those out. i was able to tighten the Teraflex adjustable preload lower ball joints a bit, which was surprising since i just did that before the Dusy-Ershim trip... though that trip was really rough on the whole rig! otherwise everything looked good, so hopefully those adjustments and the new bushings fix the shimmy.
  19. Shortly before the holidays I read about a new app (for me) - Magic Earth. Curious as I am, I sighed at first (not yet an app) - but then downloaded the (free) app anyway. I'm still completely amazed - what the little helper can do. The "Magic Earth" app has the potential to take over or replace several apps for travel needs from the smartphone, at least for me. These include notable candidates such as Mapout, Maps.Me, Here, MotionX, and Google Maps. - 2D & 3D map view - Satellite/terrain/road view - hybrid view satellite & 3D - offline capable (download per country) - Traffic jam bypass (if online) - Carplay integration - and much more(!!!) The app is available free of charge in your app store (Android/iOS). I wrote a more detailed review here: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/09/magic-earth-navigation-app.html For holidays in more expensive roaming-fee countries, making the map material available in advance in several apps for offline use - this will no longer apply to me in the future. Happy testing! Surfy
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