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  2. For anyone that hasn't been before, wanted to share this video we filmed from the peak of Harquahala a few years back at sunset. These years later, I just realized I spell "Harlquahala" wrong in the video!
  3. Good post! In the USA, and I'm sure in other countries, you have very localized restrictions as well. For example, most U.S. National Parks have bans on amateur drone flights. Just because you can easily purchase it on Amazon doesn't mean you can use it anywhere you want. Here are some useful apps that show you real-time flight restrictions that I use before flying, or when I'm planning to fly: AirMap Kittyhawk AiRXOS UASidekick B4UFly (an official government app from the U.S. FAA) It's also important to familiarize yourself with local aviation authority rules and restrictions. U.S. FAA: https://www.faa.gov/uas/ It's always interesting to see how flight restrictions change throughout the day. Living near a military base, these restrictions change daily as our USAF and international training guests fly over different areas. Screenshot from the FAA's B4UFly app Additionally, for someone in the USA who is NOT part 107 compliant, you need to follow the below general rules when flying in the USA: Have your drone registered with the FAA / tail number on the drone No flights for commercial purposes Stay below 400ft of altitude of your launch point Keep the drone within visual line-of-sight No night flying, unless your drone has marker lights No flying over people or moving vehicles No interference with other aircraft Obtain authorization to fly in restricted air spaces Don't fly under the influence
  4. Here I did collect information about travelling with drones. About people who got fined, got to jail and the rules. It helps to be prepared. This Map by visualcapitaslist helps to get an idea about where more preparations is useful. If you are not on a worldtrip - you will need more preparation. Then the details counts too. That Equador raises a heavy fee is well known, that drones are forbidden at the Galapagos (Equador) or at Machu Picchu (Peru) - such stuff is not shown. Too such a map will outdate pretty soon, or is already outdated. Article: Travelling with a Drone On a worldtrip it is not possible to prepare any country that detailed! Sorry for all who think thats has to be done - we can talk after you did a >10 country and 6 months trip about. I did too link a video about - why it is beautiful to document your journey too by drone. There is a translate Button to the right Surfy
  5. Great trails Ryan! FYI - there's a hiking trail back to Hummingbird Springs - an old ranch site - but given that you have 2 trails going here, there wouldn't be enough time to include the hike.....just an fyi for future reference....There's also some cool old mines on the north side of the Hummingbird Trail...Have fun! It's one of my favorite cherry stem trails! smiles, ladybug
  6. Totally bad ass rig! Although it seems more like a short course/trophy truck with a JK body, lol!
  7. created this GIF animation right after we first got her, showing the different modes of the Trailhawk's factory air suspension (Park, NRH, OR1, OR2): there's supposed to be about 4.1" of change, resulting in a maximum ground clearance of 10.7" in the Off-Road 2 mode.
  8. I have 2 TeraFlex 5/8" upper studs with bolts for sale so any JK/TJ/LJ owners out there looking for an upper stud frame bracket kit you can purchase the brackets for $5 each and the hitch pin clips for $2 each from TeraFlex. I'll sell the 5/8" studs for $10 for the pair, they go for $11 each from TeraFlex.
  9. I ordered the TeraFlex Upper Stud Frame Bracket Kit knowing that the 5/8" stud might not work with my links, turns out they're too big. I took it upon myself to drill out the threaded hole where the studs mount so my quick disconnect clevis pins will fit. No more zip ties, works perfect! Now I have 2 TeraFlex 5/8" studs for sale so any JK/TJ/LJ owners out there looking for a kit like this you can purchase the brackets for $5 each and the hitch pin clips for $2 each from TeraFlex. I'll sell the 5/8" studs for $10 for the pair, they go for $11 each from TeraFlex. Driver side bracket. Passenger side bracket.
  10. Kris sorry for the late reply. Tons of white smoke, overheated, stone cold radiator & no PSI but full, empty coolant recovery, coolant looked like a milk shake. Oil stick looked clean, tranny looked OK . Definitely over heated & lost some coolant. Also suspect, water pump & thermostat. So looks like I have many options to look at for a diagnose to this problem. So I'm throwing it into Joe's lap. Trailering jeep over to Joe's tomorrow with John's trailer. Will let you know what Joe finds. Thx Al
  11. Right! All I need is the adjustable mid-section, and I'm all set!
  12. Very funny! Thanks for sharing it. We dont need lockers, we need transformers! Surfy
  13. I've seen some people mount theirs behind the grill itself, cutting a slightly larger hole and adding a rubber grommet to clean up the look. Something like this little baby might snap into one of those grill holes and sit flush with a little widening. The camera angle looks adjustable. Could be worse, it could be the size of the Gladiator trail cam!
  14. i've had a love-hate relationship with my front camera... love the idea, especially when leading a trail that's new to me. but, so far it's been disappointing in real-world use. i realized the problem might be that i've got it mounted so low that there's very little perspective on obstacles. everything was coming off as kind of "flat". this was the previous camera and mounting spot, below my winch fairlead. i decided to try placing it higher, even though that would mess with the front aesthetic. to try and minimize the appearance, i switched to the smallest "bullet" style camera i could find with decent ratings. it's not too obnoxious looking from afar. however, it definitely has a lower resolution than the previous camera. Previous tiltable camera... New mini bullet camera... on a quick test, having it mounted higher does seem to help with judging distance and size of objects. i think i want to try a better quality camera though. i'll test it out more on this weekend's trip, so stay tuned.
  15. oh man - sorry to hear you might have a major issue Al! what are the symptoms? are you losing coolant, over-heating, white smoke, check-engine light?
  16. Hoping you had a wonderful birthday Karen. Also thank you for the thinking of you cards! Al
  17. Thanks everyone! I will have to get some good pictures of my truck, even thought it is 99% stock still. Looking forward to getting out there!
  18. Add us please. Maybe things are slightly back to normal by this time.
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