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  2. Really professional looking and sounding. I was right there today on my way home from the Cinders. Found the figure eight thing but couldn't find the way up on those cinder piles. Stupid me didn't pay close enough attention I guess. 10 days off finishes on Saturday.
  3. @4x4tographer the drone footage is awesome! I'm very impressed. Thank you for putting that together and posting it here!
  4. Last week
  5. Got to work Sunday so ill stop by and say howdy Friday and head back on Saturday. Hopefully you won't kick me out of the club. I sold the Jeep and bought a pickup.
  6. Hi Kris, I am from Australia, Amazing posts too. I have seen an awesome YouTube site in Auss a guy has done a similar setup using the fortin unit with some other items which I went with in the end. Our Jeeps in Australia come with steering locks so you need to have a spare key (cut down) and a cap to cover the ignition barrel. the barrel wires are disconnected so no dramas there, key is purely to release the steering lock mechanism but liked your post and also the advanced keys product. https://advancedkeys.com/products.htm looks like it’s all well packaged with the credit card style emergency access. however, it’s pretty pricey but they look like they have all the bases covered. cheers Reubs
  7. Conan, Ladybug, & Ob1 are home, and in process of unpacking, laundry, etc. Ryan, Good to know you guys are home safe & the trailer wheel patch held well enough for your homeward trip... We're looking forward to the next ORP adventure...
  8. Home and getting unpacked. Thanks to everybody who came out for the event! We had such a great time seeing everybody. More later...
  9. Well, the rig has returned to us after several weeks of refit at a local mechanic shop. To say that she is running well... is an understatement. She received: A full tuneup, new belts, hoses, wires, plugs etc. re-cored radiator... since nobody makes these rads anymore! rebuilt fuel system, with proper "helper" electric fuel pump and regulator & custom hard fuel lines. The ORIGINAL in-dash A/C system has been brought back to life with a new compressor and hoses. Now running r134a and staying very, very cool. new turn signal switch front end re-lube new transmission and oil pan seals new valve cover seals new exhaust manifold seals & some work to reduce a tick/ leak on the passenger bank ... and now the cosmetic work begins. A water main break somewhere in the back calls for our attention, meanwhile we have acquired all of the beadboard paneling for the ceiling. We also decided to tile over the plain wood in the kitchen area, giving it a cleaner look while still looking "in place" In the meantime, I'm also doing research for vintage or "vintage styled" 12v lights. the six 12v "main lights" across the cabin are ridiculously small, and worn out anyways. The problems I face are simple, it seems like not many 12v fixtures deviate from plain white and clear, with a more "modern" look about them. I found a few companies who make vintage reproductions, but primarily of the late 80's fake-woodgrain florescent fixtures that everybody used at the time. Once the main is repaired, the ceiling retrofitted, we'll be ready to rip up the carpet and replace it. It will be replaced with some sort of laminate or hardwood, depending on what ends up being durable and easy to clean. It's good to have this project back on track again.
  10. Question from a newby: is this group ok with the Shovel instead of Bucket thing for #2s? I'm usually not with a large group like this, so not sure what protocol is there...
  11. Good first night. Coordinates are 34.4262295, -111.4021467 Bring a jacket is was chilly. Great group area.
  12. https://www.azfamily.com/news/u-s-marshals-capture-escaped-tucson-murder-suspects/article_d7b167c4-d520-11e9-a538-1fb6ae6c651b.html
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