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  3. This seems like this it could be pretty killer and a allow one to get rid of a separately mounted tablet using Gaia GPS or similar. Gaia GPS Launches First Outdoor Maps for Apple CarPlay
  4. Cool project K! I think that came out real nice.
  5. i actually put those holes in with t-nuts on the back side, spaced for mounting 2 different small vises i have. however i like your idea for an inexpensive alternative to welding table style "F clamps".
  6. I noticed something in the @theksmith post about making JK door pockets out of Kydex. I didn’t want to total derail his original thread but I thought I’d make a suggestion for a clamp I’ve found very useful. In the picture below I noticed Kris has a series of holes in his butcher block bench top. I can’t tell if these holes are 3/4” or something smaller. If they are 3/4” diameter I have an idea for cheap, handy clamp. . If you are familiar with this clamp, or if the holes are smaller, please disreguard. I bought some cheap Harbor Freight “F” clamps a few years ago and modified them as shown below. I have three different lengths, all useful for different projects. First you remove the rivet holding the fixed clamp head to the bar. Then you add a small piece of metal that is fastened snuggly but is still able to swivel. To use you just pass the bar of the clamp thru the hole in the bench top and swivel the tee to grab the bottom of the bench Ive found them a great help to hold various projects in place in my bench top. I have a buddy in Michigan that uses this same idea on his welding table for lighter work.
  7. Nice product review and an even better “how to” lesson. i was wondering about using a press as well, but using the Jeep to help make its own parts was priceless!
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  9. Wishing you a very happy Birthday!! Kristoffer Bday.mp4
  10. great idea on the HF press - i'll use that next time!
  11. KDude, you are a wild man!! I've seen folks use this too: Electric Griddle I thought you had a HF press? That also works great....
  12. Slickrock Gear JK Pockets I recently bought a complete set of JK Pockets from Slickrock Gear and installed them. They replace the factory stretchy net pockets which are prone to sag after a few years if used much at all. Factory net pocket (driver rear door): New JK Pockets: The complete set also replaces the center pocket on the dash. You simply cut out the OEM net and then snap these in to place - there's no need to remove the door panels. The JK Pockets are a little expensive IMO, but they fit nicely and are made in the USA. The "plain black" version matches the factory plastic fairly well, but they are also available in a carbon fiber texture and in multiple crazy colors. They also make a version for the new JL Wrangler. Aside from the cost, my only complaint was they protrude so far out that the top edge of the driver's door one cuts into the side of my calf. With my long legs, I fit best having the seat all the way back and my knee still rests against the door panel. This means the left side of my calf pushes hard against the edge of the JK Pocket. I tired it for a couple weeks but couldn't get used to that driver's door one, so I emailed Slickrock Gear asking if they had considered a "slim" version. They said I was the only person to ever ask for that and most people want even more space to store their junk, not less! How-To Make Your Own Door Pockets for a Jeep Wrangler Since I liked the look of the JK Pockets overall, I decided to make my own slim version replacements for the just front doors. I mulled over how to do it for a while before remembering Kydex - the thermoformable plastic that's all the rage for DIY gun holsters and knife sheaths. Dave (@klaykrusher) had told me about that hobby several years ago. This video covers all the basics of working with Kydex: You can get Kydex in a leather texture which matches the JK Pockets and factory door panels fairly well. An alternative brand called Holstex is available through KnifeKits.com in that "Raptor" texture at about $5 for a small sheet. I ended up getting a set of (3) 12" x 12" pieces through Amazon so I'd have plenty to practice with. I used 0.08" thickness, which is about the same as the real JK Pockets. The Holstex is slightly less rigid than whatever plastic Slickrock Gear uses, but still fine for this purpose. I traced the factory door cut-out area on a piece of posterboard, then cut that out to make a template. I reduced it by about a 1/8" margin on the top/left/bottom sides before tracing that shape onto a section of 1/2" plywood. I used a jig-saw with the base titled to cut out the plywood mold. Then glued on 1/8" thick cardboard to form the lip at the top of the pocket - not only to match the real JK Pockets styling, but this feature adds stiffness to the opening. For this first test I used our actual kitchen oven... which I do NOT recommend. The thermoforming plastic gives off a pretty good stink while it's coming up to temp! After that, I went to GoodWill and got a used toaster oven for $6 - Walmart also has one for $25. I used upholstery foam left over from a previous project and a couple bamboo cutting boards as the top of my "press"... but I just it all under a corner of the Jeep instead of making a real press! I learned a few lessons from this test... I thought people were using painter's tape to keep the Kydex from sticking to the mold, but it's really just to protect the mold from scratches (when it's a nice knife or gun). There's no need for tape when your mold is a piece of plywood, and in fact it caused me to get some lines in my plastic where the tape overlapped. I rushed to get this pressed before the Kydex cooled and didn't get it centered well under the tire. The uneven pressure meant that one side of the lip edge came out more defined than the other. You do have to work quickly with the hot Kydex, but it's not that much of a rush. I overcooked the Kydex. Our old oven doesn't heat evenly anymore and so one area of the sheet got too hot and became glossy. Most folks say somewhere around 325* (Fahrenheit) for about 5 minutes. That was too long/hot for our real oven, but does seem to work out well with the toaster oven. I did figure out that I could use steel wool to remove some of that shine and even out the apperance. You can see all 3 of these problems in this shot: Here's that first test slim homemade piece versus the real JK Pocket: With my 8" tablet as a reference for the depth: I think it came out pretty darn good for a first try! I'll go with 3/4" plywood on the final version. The extra 1/4" should still keep it out of my leg but let my fingers reach down in there better if I drop something to the bottom. For reference, here is the real JK Pocket: and here's my first DIY "slim" version: I'll update this thread when I get around to making the final ones with a slightly thicker mold.
  13. Only In A Jeep: https://abcnews.go.com/US/man-lucky-alive-driving-car-off-story-parking/story?id=69170897&cid=clicksource_4380645_1_heads_hero_live_headlines_hed
  14. Happy Birthday my gadget loving friend! ...And many more!
  15. same here, please put me on the standby list for now - looks interesting and it's near me, just not sure on schedule yet.
  16. I'm all set, I'll be there Tuesday evening. Wheeling Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and maybe Saturday. Excited to finally get a chance to wheel the Kingman trails with the club!!
  17. @4x4tographer Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to the rescheduled date,
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