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  2. Sign me up please. Can we do the run without participating in the 'Jeep Badge of Honor' program? thanks!
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  4. Figured I'd bump this one time before posting on Craigslist.
  5. You know, the ONE... Matrix
  6. found one what?
  7. Last week
  8. I found this: Looks like it is open for fires. https://wildlandfire.az.gov/fire-restrictions?fbclid=IwAR30h70cKZPV_sDEsAtAMCdFVV3Npsx5Kt24k37c7Q8TyKXqlAzb2AZupcY
  9. it's Tonto NF land - i can't find any current fire restriction in effect: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/tonto/alerts-notices anyone know for sure?
  10. @theksmith Thanks, we are planning to tent camp, but will most likely drive the truck. Do you know if fires are allowed? We have plenty of wood leftover from our winter pile.
  11. That is actually pretty normal and one of the reasons manufacturers put magnets on the plugs. Back in the day when I worked at quick lube places it was more normal to see all those metal shavings on the plugs than to not see any.
  12. Okay, glad it's just not me. I guess I will keep the jeep
  13. yes, i've always had a decent blob of black gooey powder on the magnetic plugs
  14. Kris, when you changed your diff. fluids did you have some fine material on the magnetic plugs? I just did mine and the rear had more than the front but it was a fine material.
  15. I found a picture on Facebook from the memorial yesterday at the Black Bridge (staging area), and spied Smurftruck in it. Can you?
  16. glad to have you - FYI, i don't think there's room for the RV right where i'm thinking. there are some larger spots within a quarter mile, but they've thinned the forest so much recently that there's no real shade.
  17. making fast progress it looks like!
  18. G is working at the new house this week. He woke up there this morning and sent this picture of the set up. Our builder left his camp trailer there, so G has a place to sleep.
  19. until
    @KtroubleA got a new offroad camping trailer and wants to test it out - so we're going camping near Payson for the weekend and running Pyeatt Draw trail on Saturday. join us for camping, the trail run, or both! Click here for more info or to sign-up...
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