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  3. Neat photos Ob!! Glad you got out there for some hiway time!!
  4. welcome back! nice photo of the Ozarks - reminds me a lot of the Blue Ridge Mountains where i grew up.
  5. We were rained out of going as far east (The Smokies of Tennesee & N. Carolina, as well as getting to the motorcycle museum in Birmingham, Alabama) as we had hoped due to flash flooding and heavy storm warnings in the areas we had hoped to visit, so after a few days of riding the Ozarks, it began to rain again there too, so we headed homeward... Here we are re-entering NM, just south of Antonito, CO. Next up was ride through Los Alamos National Laboratory, where upon exiting, we came across the 2nd largest Caldera in North America (the largest is in Yellowstone National Park) All in all it was a GREAT ride, and fun to open time with my nephew who lives in California... Hope to be able to get all the way on our next trip...
  6. Been home about two weeks... Attached are a few pics of our ride... First stop @ the VLA (very large array), which is a radio telescope which wa the largest in th northern hemisphere until about 8-12 years ago. Some of you may recongnize it as being the backdrop for the movie "Contact" starring jodie Foster. It is located on US 60 on the St. Augustine Plains, about 60 miles west of Socorro, NM. It was cold and raining from just shy of Payson, to Show Low, then a short break as we neared Spingervillee, then mostly rained the remainder of the way to Socorro, but the rain mostly stopped for us to get a few pics @ the VLA... This is a view looking north over the Ozark Mtn's, from Mt Magazine State Park near Talahina, OK Here we are riding the Peel, Arkansas Ferry which crosses an arm of Bull Shoals Lake on the Missouri/Arkansas border.
  7. His whole issue was being WAY too far up on the wall to his right, which essentially pitched him off the trail surface.
  8. FWIW: Those types of electrical connectors are know as "Weather-Pack" (due to the moisture sealing design (note the orange/pink seal. there is also a similar seal where the wires on BOTH ends of hte connector enter into the connector). An online search for weather-pac connectors will yield what you seek. ;)
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  10. Had a great time out there on Bulldog and we want to say Thanks to @WILL E for showing us around. Had no idea he was such the chef! We learned a few things, had a nice leisurely drive and it was fun.
  11. Just an fyi, I was able to buy an entire distributor for Barbie, complete with pick up, cap and rotor for $35 from autozone. I put a better quality cap and rotor on it, and it been running fine.
  12. Thanks for the link @Stacey and Scott! Thanks for digging those out @jgaz Jim! That's a very kind and generous offer! By the picture it doesn't look like there's one that matches, but it gave us the idea to do some googling. We found that we can order the Distributor Pickup Coil for it at lots of places. Just need to make sure that we get the right one. We also have a spare Mopar distributor (somewhere in those boxes) in the garage that we can install and fix this one for a spare, worst case scenario.
  13. This has been very educational. Thank you sir for teaching an SAS in a smart manner.
  14. @dzJeepChic Diane, Im not sure where you would find an exact match for the factory connector. Maybe the OB1 Jeep Spa?! I do however have a decent assortment of matching connectors, seals, and terminals for different gauge wires. I complied a kit at Chrysler Engineering during a project I was assigned to in the late 80’s or early 90’s. The kit contained everything I could need to work on the air suspension system I was responsible for. There are several styles of two wire connectors shown in the close up below (gray and red seals). I’m not sure what wire gauge your Jeep connector is using but I’d think those two wire connectors would handle 16 gauge wires. If you needed to go 14 gauge or heavier you could use a mating four way and install factory pins in the unused holes in the rear seals. The film canisters have a wide assortment of terminal pins for different gauge wires. Now that you’ve moved to the other side of the earth I’d be happy to see if pony express comes out that far. Seriously, I’d be glad to drop a few option in the mail if George thinks they might work. BTW. Nice roadside find and repair George!
  15. What Diane meant to say was the engine and starter turned over but did not start.
  16. Try these guys, https://powerwerx.com/anderson-power-powerpole-sb-connectors
  17. Last week
  18. Weird thing happened on the way home from Lake Havasu today. On I-40 we went over a bumpy section and uneven surface on a bridge and Clifford conked out completely! George managed to coast across a gore point onto the shoulder next to an on ramp. We tried to start it and the starter engaged but it wouldn't turn over. Got out and lifted the hood to see if we could see something obvious. Tested the fuel rail by pushing in the Schrader valve and he got squirted in the face, so that wasn't it. Wiggled the distributor and double checked plug and coil wires. After 20 minutes or so George happened to notice the connector to the distributor was broken. He plugged in what was left of the broken connector and viola! The Jeep started right up. He secured it with a zip tie to get us home, and we were on our way. Now we are looking to replace the broken connector plug thing, any ideas where to get one of these?
  19. Thanks gents. I was told by the shop that sold me the replacements that the KC HiLITES adapters were crap. Passenger side would not completely seat so we replaced both. I will be purchasing me some ceramic based ones. I am looking into the KC adapters to see if they are ceramic based too. They are proud of their adapters so they are a little more expensive than most.
  20. I learned something today, not sure what I learned but I'm way more educated on...blah, blah, blah "dog bone"
  21. Hi there and welcome to ORP and to AZ!! Nice Jeep!
  22. you want one with a ceramic high-temp connector at the bulb, along the lines of these... - i don't know a specific brand, but that's the sort of thing you're looking for.
  23. This is common when dealing with hi temp lighting, stock connections are spec'd to a minimum tolerance as far as temp ratings. Easiest solution is to replace the plug with a industrial grade or, remote the plug itself 2 or 3 inches away from the light using a thermal (high temp) wire and use a high quality blade terminal (again hi temp) to land the wires at the light. The upside is the remote plug makes it a lot simpler the dis/connect the lights in the future and no more melting possibly shorting out of your lights when you're tearing down a dark road.
  24. Howdy Gang! Today I noticed my drivers side headlight was out so I set about repairing it. I have the KC HiLITESH4 headlights. After removing the headlight assembly I went to unplug the connector and found out it wanted a fight. I could not unplug the connector to the bulb. After a little closer inspection I notice the darn thing was melted to the prongs. This is probably why it stopped working. A few minutes later, after busting the bulb all to pieces in the lamp assembly trying to get it loose, I decided to cut the wires. Last year I had these H13 to H4 Wiring adapters replaced after the passenger side adapter was giving me fits. I kept the old ones because I'm a hoarder of sorts. I used one of the old ones and a new bulb to get it working again. Onto the point of this , my question is has anyone dealt with this type of thing? Any recommendations on brands to use that won't melt? I did read this is common with some H4 bulbs so I may be SOL. LED's are out of my price range so I am not inclined to go that route. Stock Lamps suck but I could go back if this happens again. After cutting the wires and prying the outta the parts involved this is what it looked like.
  25. got a little crazy touching up things today - wheels, sliders, some undercarriage... unrelated, but also happen to get a new windshield today.
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