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  2. Poking @theksmith and @gmookher did either of you have a fluid leak on the trail? Notice the rock just behind me, that appears fresh from the photo's perspective, but it isn't from me, I just double checked my entire underside.
  3. Got the Gopro footage processed and uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy! The video is 25 minutes long.
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  5. got on Metalcloak's CTI trailer at a local shop yesterday. only scored a 770, which is a bit disappointing... with the current level of mods i expected to at least break 800. still better than the last time though! in 2018 Gadget had just a baby lift and tires and scored a 600. i did find it interesting that the JL's consistently out-flexed the JK's (comparing similar tire size and overall rig height, all short-arm lifts).
  6. Here the photos and videos I took as a Google Photos album. Select videos and images below. I am still working on the Gopro footage from my front bumper although a few of the stills below were extracted from that footage.
  7. Camping in San Domingo Wash, Belmont Mine & Anderson Mill
  8. Massive thanks to @kaspily/@Bradywgn71 for these great photos of the Jeep in action in Smasher Canyon ❤️
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    Absolutely interested!
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  11. I had such a fun time even without my Jeep ;) Thanks Kristoffer and Ryan for your passenger seats. It was a nice surprise to see Tim, Devon, and Michael at breakfast! Our ORP newbie Gem and his wife Vim kicked butt and I hope to see them at the Holiday Party coming up. What a fun trail! Here are my photos and videos.
  12. Awesome day on the trails with @theksmith @kaspily @Bradywgn71 @gmookher! Massive thanks to @theksmith for planning/leading this rock crawling adventure. Great seeing @Curly and Mrs. Curly at breakfast! That was a nice surprise. 😊 We even had a @Eugene sighting - Cottonwood was an ORP magnet today! *click on any photo for the full-resolution image* The road out to Smasher. Ledge, ledges and more ledges! From mild to wild, there's something for everyone. Plenty of rock gardens to keep you on your toes. "The Squeeze" was filled with loose boulders. No room for error on this one - literally 2-3 inches away from fender damage. Note the broken window glass on the ground at the top of the ledge. A look back at Mingus. More ledges! Our lunchtime views Look closely and you'll spy the Verde Canyon Railroad tracks.
  13. Mick I text’s you my photos also had my GoPro going and I’ll send those when I get them edited. Let me know if you got my text. I enjoyed meeting everyone and had a great time
  14. So this is pretty cool. Frank joined me and a friend on Bulldog Friday. Thanks Ryan! Your mention got my attention and I PM'd him. Anyways, we are hanging out at the entrance gate, airing down, setting up lunch, etc. A guy name Joel comes over and asks us how he gets a permit. We give him the info and tell him, if he wants, he can tag along with us. He does. We get to our the first stop. A beautiful spot with great views. Unfortunately some time ago some jerk dumped 6 old used worthless tires there. I mentioned next time my buddy shows up with his J10 we will haul them out. Without hesitation Joel said "No Problem I'll get rid of them". So our tag along friend had us toss them in the back of his pickup. What luck! Hopefully he will join the site. Super great guy. We had a nice time. Friday was a great day to be out wheeling. Temps were perfect and the rain the night before meant no dust on the trail.
  15. Gman, I didn’t see your poat post about the tracs. I did see the one about skipping breakfast Sat morning. we waited until 9:50 am for you and sent texts. I hope nothing bad has happened that stopped you. I certainly can send you the traks covered. It went well. Mick
  16. I agree 100% on OEM where ever possible on my own vehicles. It is certainly possible that frame flex is contributing to your failures. To further support using OEM radiators. It’s my experience, that there is almost always accelerometer data collected on the radiator during a full vehicle data collection test. This info is provided to the OEM vendor for their in house testing. I seriously doubt that many of the after market companies are using this type of data for their testing, if they are even doing any testing. I agree with your online selection. That is the vendor I use for my MOPAR parts. Saving the shipping is a good deal
  17. Thanks Jack Maybe I’ll grab some scones in the bakery an we have a snack on the Belmont Mountain overlook.
  18. Excellent! I’m bringing a “new” USMC winter sleeping bag shell. If you put your bag inside it’ll give you 20 more degrees warmth. It’s Gortex so it breathes . You can use it if you want. See you in Wickeberg Mick
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