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Bradywgn71 07-01-2019 01:35 PM

4th of July Week Camping
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2019 4th of July Camping or day trip in the pines

Planning on camping in the Clint's Well area from Wednesday evening (7/3) through Saturday (7/6). You are welcome to stay longer but I have to get home to catch a plane ride. You also are welcome to just come up to enjoy the cool weather (low 80s) for lunch or dinner.

This is dry camping with no facilities so be prepared. No trail rides planned at this point just sitting in the pines enjoying the area.

GPX track: See attached

Campsite Coordinates: 34.5297, -111.3688

-Please no fireworks as my poor dogs are escaping the city and can't handle it.
-Dogs on a leash
-I believe there is a fire ban in effect. We are bringing our propane fire ring. If you have one please bring one too or some extra propane.
-Very limited cell signal here.
-Welcome to bring card games, board games, etc.

I will have cell signal until approx 5pm on Wednesday if you need to reach me. I will push my spot check-in too and you can see our location here:


bradywgn & kaspily
Curly + wife

theksmith 07-02-2019 01:31 PM

i'll either come up Thursday morning or more likely Friday to hang out for a while!

dougnsue 07-03-2019 05:50 AM

DougNSue are waiting to see if we have family coming up to Prescott from the Valley. If NOT we are planning on coming for some time cooling off in the pines with you! We've never been to Clint's Well, will there be enough room if we want to stay over nigh?

Bradywgn71 07-03-2019 06:49 AM

Plenty of room. Lots of dispersed camping options at the end of this road.

Curly 07-03-2019 10:58 AM

We will be in our silver Ram truck, not Barbie. We are headed up this afternoon.

Bradywgn71 07-03-2019 02:46 PM

Going to be late...I17 shutdown due to brush fire. God I hate that road

theksmith 07-04-2019 02:23 AM

Looks like Chris & Sarah made it about 7:30 last night. if anyone else wants to go up, here's a Google map link to their coords:

i'll be going up Friday morning early to just hang out in the cool breezy pines with everyone for a while.

dougnsue 07-04-2019 11:21 PM

DougNSue, we came up around noon on Thursday. Checked out several camping areas but didn't see any group of jeeps. I now see I should have been looking for a Dodge Ram P/U. Really nice weather, even coming from Prescott. Almost all the places we looked at were empty. Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend.

Curly 07-05-2019 02:51 PM

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We just got home, had a nice time. We saw no one on the way in and only one large group on the way out. Al and Kristopher came up to visit Friday morning. We stayed till lunch and then headed home. The trail is different than last year, there is a downed tree that made the trail a tight fit on either side. We barely squeaked through with the Ram truck, and Chris helped guide us out when we left. Also, there is a new gate since last year. No big deal, but it made us question whether we were on the right trail or not.

We only took a couple of pics:
Sunset Wed night:

Prepping dinner 7/4

Bradywgn71 07-05-2019 11:26 PM

Home safe. Thanks all for coming out to camp or visit!

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