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Tow Truck Re: Late to the Party: theksmith's 2016 JK Unlimited Rubicon
exhaust rattle fixed

fixed the exhaust/skid plate rattle. it turned out the skid plate wasn't bent but i crunched my factory transmission crossmember even more which lifted up the skid to where it would just touch the exhaust. i'll have to eventually get a beefier replacement crossmember, probably the Synergy one.

for now i added a spacer to put the skid back to the level it should be and also cut a small triangle out of the skid right where it was rubbing.

stained the slide out shelf

i realized i'd have to oil the bamboo cutting board way too often in or to keep it protected, and i've not been keeping up on that. so i decided to at least stain the wood to offer a little protection for wet cups being placed on it and such.

i used both of these stains that i already had. the gray went on first, then the ebony. i did only one coat of each and wiped off immediately after covering an entire side.

overall i think it came out ok.

new antenna cables

i mentioned before my CB antenna cable had an internal short... once i removed the old cables, it found that both it and the ham one were split open at one of the bends where the cables went from the tailgate into the cabin.

the top cable bundle in this photo is how i had them run before, the bends were too tight when the gate closed:

here's the new way i ran them. there's still a somewhat tight bend coming out of the tailgate itself, but not as bad as before and then the rest are all large radius.

i went with some fancy custom LMR-240 UltraFlex cables from MPD Digital. it actually doesn't feel as flexible as Belden RG-8x, but is supposedly high quality stuff and has less signal loss, especially at the higher ham frequencies. i'll probably never notice a difference, but i thought i'd try something new since i wanted slightly longer cables anyway.

i'd recommend this Wilson 305-830 cable assembly for most people. it has an FME connector at one end which is just barely larger than the cable itself so you can route it easily. then you screw on the included FME to PL-259 adapter in order to connect it to your CB or ham radio. i had my custom cables made up the same way.

moved air quick connect

in that last photo, you might have noticed i move my air port from over in the corner pointing up to beside the drawer. i'm considering mounting my recently purchased Fiskars X27 axe along the edge of the shelf (similar to my shovel mount), with the head hanging down in that corner.

FYI - those tabs are just CB antenna brackets i already had, something along the lines of this:

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