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Default Re: Multipurpose GPS Recommendations
Originally Posted by subPar View Post
Thank you all for the replies. I’m going to go out this weekend with just the iPad and see how well it does without LTE/WiFi and take it from there.

let us know how it goes!

maybe grab MotionX HD and download some maps before you go - it's probably still the #2 GPS/topo app for iOS and it's cheap, even with the upgraded maps in-app purchase.

Gaia is the top dog i think still, but my understanding is that it's not really useful without the $20/year subscription.

FYI - GPS should work fine off-grid on all fairly recent iPads. the early WiFi-only models lacked a real GPS chip, but that was years ago and you have a mobile-data version anyway. if you find that the initial lock is slow or you get spotty reception inside the vehicle, check out the DUAL GPS or Bad Elf products for iPad.
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