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Default Re: Aftermarket Stereo + Jeep JK Premium system
Originally Posted by JeepUniq View Post
So even the Maestro RR-CHR01-DS isn't supporting all channels?

I think I might just use the Alpine's amp for the REAR + Sub (fed as is now by the PAC adaptor), and hook the FRONTs directly into the Sony. This way I will get back the fader + will not push a single amp to drive 9 speakers (includes the amp).

Since I already replaced my speakers, they all have crossovers, so all should work fine ... I hope. What do you think?

I also didn't like the bowed front of Metra's trim - are you saying that the Scorpion is flat? I looked at it on Amazon, but seemed a bit bowed as well.

i'm pretty sure my factory amp only has 2 inputs period (with 5 outputs). the factory radio talked to it over CAN-BUS to control fade, just like the iDatalink/Pioneer combo does. however, Jeep/Alpine changed the "premium" system in 2015, so does your year actually have 4 inputs on the factory amp? i also saw somewhere that in the 2015+ system, the subwoofer volume is increased if you remove the hard-top (it senses if the rear wiper is attached).

the plan to use the front speaker-level outputs from your radio and the rear RCA outputs through the PAC and factory amp should work *if* Sony enables both types of outputs all the time. the radio's internal amp versus the factory amp might have slightly different characteristics that could color the sound in their own unique way and make for a weird mix. you'd just have to try it i guess!

from what i've seen, all of the Wrangler double DIN dash kits have a slight curve from top to bottom - but the the Metra/Scosche also have an angled cut away on the outside edges. unsure if the AI/XScorpion curve is less pronounced.

Metra/Scosche (have not seen these in person):

AI/XScorpion (the ones i tried):

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