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Old 04-02-2018
landcruiser landcruiser is offline
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Default Stove Advice Needed
Hi Guys, I'm in need of some advice:

I like that the firebox stoves are super portable but I'm worried that it's a waste of money and I won't actually be able to cook anything on it!

Would you recommend sticking with the conventional stoves or risking a firebox? Any advice appreciated!

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Old 04-02-2018
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theksmith theksmith is online now
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Default Re: Stove Advice Needed
my guess is those wood stoves are pretty much just for boiling water and therefore freeze-dried meals... maybe someone else has actual experience with them and can tell me i'm wrong though!

there's also the Kelly Kettle style stoves which burns twigs and junk too...

what type of camping is this for? what sort of meals do you want to prep and for how many folks?

even within the prepacked fuel source stoves, there's a huge range from 3 burner propane folders to tiny multi-fuel backpacker style. need to know what your priorities and intended use-cases are.
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Old 04-02-2018
adriaanvn99 adriaanvn99 is offline
(Adriaan) (ZS1AVN)
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Default Re: Stove Advice Needed
It depends on what you are trying to achieve out of it. I have two types of stoves I use for different uses. I have a MSR WindBurner which I use mainly for camping/road trips/hiking and it’s only used to boil water. It does this very quickly and effectively and is perfect for instant coffee, hot coco and freeze dried meals like K mentioned above. I wouldn’t necessarily cook a meal with it, but I’m sure it could if needed.

I also have a MSR XGK which is a very rugged and versatile stove. I like it because of the versatility it has. It can be run off regular camping stove fuel, diesel or even gas. You just have to change the nozzle inside and prime it before opening up the flame. Along with it I carry a MSR Seagull pot which is perfect for cooking stuff like pancakes and boiling potatoes etc. I can also boil water with it but I usually use the WindBurner for that.



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Old 04-02-2018
Azoutlaw480 Azoutlaw480 is offline
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Default Re: Stove Advice Needed
For camping more than one night I usually tend to bring my Coleman 2 burner propane. It folds down pretty dang slim. Hardly takes much space.

I believe the one I use is called the Coleman Perfect Flow. We have years on that stove with zero issues.

For short trips and hiking I use a smaller backpacking stove like the Stansport Mini.
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Old 04-02-2018
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Default Re: Stove Advice Needed
I have a couple of firebox stoves. They are so small and light that could carry one as a back-up. I wouldn't use it as my main camping stove, but they work.
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