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Old 05-02-2013
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Default Not a good day for Dodge
Wow, just found this interesting link. I feel bad for the people behind this mess because they definitely stirred up a hornet's nest. It'll be interesting to see if more comes of this...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

A Dodge commercial being shot at Luffenholtz Beach today near Moonstone Beach in northern Humboldt Co. [CA] resulted in a new truck being nearly submerged. Local resident Brian Parrott, sent in the photo above as well as the two next below. He was very unhappy with the impact he perceived the failed shoot had on the environment.

"I had contact w/ the film crew in the morning. They were very friendly, but had shut down Moonstone Beach. Normally they only rent the County parks section of the beach, but for today’s filming they paid $500.00 for access to the private parking lot. For the 1st time to my knowledge Moonstone Beach was completely shut down for filming.

I talked w/ County Park workers & two people who appeared to be running the film crew. I asked them about the permits & they said the film crew paid a county fee to have the right to drive on Moonstone beach. I asked about the endangered snowy plover & explained local residents aren’t allowed to drive on the beach. The park worker said the snowy plover nests are only located on Clam beach & Moonstone was a Snowy plover free zone. This is interesting, because Moonstone beach has ALWAY’S been closed down to 4 wheel drivers. Even when Clam beach was 4 wheel drive friendly. I guess if you have enough money you can do what ever you want.

I commented on the location of the truck & stated the driver must of Drove over tide pools to get in that location. No one could confirm how the truck got stuck, but the pictures clearly show major environmental damage has been done to one of the most pristine sections of beach in all of California.

The main film guy got very antsy w/ my line of questioning and quickly jumped in his rented Jeep [C]herokee & drove away. I talked w/ a friend who was 1st on the scene. He said it looked like the truck drove right off the cliff. When he 1st arrived the truck was stuck in the sand & rocks. As the tide quickly rose the truck became submerged.

There were no police on the scene. Instead three tow trucks showed up. Looks like the film crew decided to get themselves out the jam before notifying the proper authorities. Maybe if they notified the authorities earlier the truck could of been saved.

My friend clued the local sheriffs station. This was the 1st they heard of the incident. they showed up w/in minutes. The question is, why didn’t the film crew or the County parks workers call for the sheriffs office? Wouldn’t a truck submerged in a Pristine Protected Marine Enviroment be considered an emergency situation? For us locals that look at this section of beach as sacred the disregard for our community can’t be overlooked.

The truck is now close to fully submerged. I’m sure toxic fluids are streaming into our surf zone. The tragedy of this situation is Camel Rock is the number one surf spot in Humboldt County. This is the pride of the surfing community. Moonstone Beach is THE family beach in Humboldt County & now in the name of profit the beach has been damaged, the tide pools have been polluted & the precious sea life in this PROTECTED zone is in danger.

Very disappointed in the slow response of th film crew. [Their] lack of surf knowledge & their attempt to cover up the incident can’t be overlooked. If film crews are going to come in and TAKE OVER our backyard & shut out all locals there should be some environmental oversight. Any future filming in Humboldt County should have people that protect the environment on the set to make sure the production is treading lightly on the land.

There’s been immense coverage this winter on the destruction of our rural lands. Let’s not have a double standard. All industries should be held to the same standards. As this incident shows, environmental damage comes in all packages.

UPDATE 5/2, 10:03 a.m.: Humboldt Surfrider’s Jennifer Savage has released the following statement concerning the whole fiasco:
As an organization dedicated to the enjoyment and protection of Humboldt County’s beaches and waves, Humboldt Surfrider is extremely dismayed at the film crew’s lack of foresight and will be following up with the appropriate agencies to ensure that restoration and/or compensation for any damage is forthcoming. We also hope to work with the Humboldt Film Commission and relevant government agencies to ensure this sort of carelessness does not happen again. We have people on the scene and will share information as the situation develops.

My '92 XJ Clifford
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Old 05-03-2013
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Default Re: Not a good day for Dodge
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Old 05-03-2013
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Default Re: Not a good day for Dodge
Well, I know there are two sides to every story, and while I think that it is important to protect our enviroment, this one vehicle in the water is not going to make a dent in the polution that is in the water due to shipping, etc.

Should the film crew have excercised better judgment and taken more care to protect the enviroment? Definately.

Should the people writing this and taking these pictures show concern? Yes. Are they over reacting? I would say so.

If they are gonna make this much trouble for driving one vehicle into the water, I want to see where they are doing something as equally drastic about shipping, haz-mat, mining, and any of the other commercial entities that continue to pollute the worlds oceans.

But since it is "their beach" it is important to them.

I just think it is wrong to make a huge issue about something, only when it affects you personally, but don't say a thing if it doesn't.

Just my $.02
My driveway IS a jeep trail.
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Old 09-23-2015
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Default Re: Not a good day for Dodge
I agree with Dr. Ben Carson ..... PC is killing this Country; so someone made a mistake, it ain't the end of the world.
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