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Old 06-16-2019
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dzJeepChic dzJeepChic is online now
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Default June 15, 2019: Sunflower Mine Loop - Number 7's TJ Shake-down Run Pictures
I'm happy to report that the new TJ performed very well on it's maiden voyage, both on the road and on the trail. First off it runs nice and cool even with the A/C on, which is a huge priority for me. The suspension worked really well on the moderate trail - not to say it won't need minor adjustments after we run harder trails on down the road. I got a few decent shots of it, but found out I have a thing or two to learn about white balance and contrast. The white Jeep is sometimes too white!!

So we met TheKSmith at the meet up spot, but it turned out he wouldn't be able to wheel because he got another check engine light and Gadget was running like crap. :O But as luck would have it, other Jeeple were meeting there, and they were going to Sunflower too. So we tagged along with them. In fact, it turned out they'd never been, so we were elected to lead since we know the trail.

It was a little challenging in that we don't have the CB hooked up yet in the new Jeep, so we didn't have communications. So at times when we got ahead of them, we didn't know if somebody was stuck, or what was up, but they always just caught back up. Well, that is, until the end of the day. We're not sure what happened there at the end. :O

Here's a link to all my pics: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1Q...hsNjJZWFh6UkpB

A sampling:

The TJ testing flex at the start of the trail:

We took them over to the overlook of the old mill so they could check out what's left of it.

I tried to get some flexy shots of the TJ down in the wash. This is how I discovered I need to learn what settings will work best with white bright Jeep!!

It was fun until it wasn't anymore. A little bit further down the wash this happened:

We'd never seen anything like this before. The guy's radiator literally cracked open across the top plastic piece!

So the game plan was everybody except G & Me and the stranded couple stayed in the wash, while everybody else went to get a radiator and come back, or go home. It took them 5 hours to go to Fountain Hills and back. G and the Jeep owner took out the old radiator, and we all cooled our heels for a good long wait. Once they returned with the parts and coolant, it was less than a half hour before we were back on the trail.

But then it turned out that their lockers weren't working either, so we had to make several attempts at getting them up out of the wash over some rocks. A little further up the trail they got stuck again, but all the guys managed to help them past that. When we got to the bottom of the long up-hill climb out of the wash, they were right behind us, and we thought everybody was on the move. So we went up, and soon noticed nobody was behind us. If you know that hill, you know you can't just stop; we had to keep our momentum.

So on we went, wondering the whole way if they were okay and what happened. We stopped for a second at John's memorial - people are leaving cool rocks, coins, bottles of water, and stuff for him. I didn't take the time to read the new messages in the jar, but he is loved.

When we got back to the main graded road on the way to airdown, we saw their head lights on the hill behind us, confirming they followed us, and found their way out. We still wonder what happened, maybe one of them will come on here and tell!!

Happy to be a 2 Jeep family again!!
My '92 XJ Clifford
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Old 06-19-2019
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Default Re: June 15, 2019: Sunflower Mine Loop - Number 7's TJ Shake-down Run Pictures
Kudos to you and George for staying and helping them!!!! And your new jeep looks awesome!! It was fun to see a jeep on Sunflower again!
smiles, ladybug
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