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Old 1 Week Ago
matts74 matts74 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2019
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Vehicle: 2016 JKU
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Default Jeep JK CrimeStopper Teleconnect Remote Start
Before I begin here, I want to call out Kris, theksmith, for all the detailed documentation provided on this thread:


I used this as a reference in this build and Kris was super supportive and helpful

I started my build with a few different goals and components than Kris used.

1) I got the Easyguard 002-k-ns: this unit is identical to the 002-k but comes with a shock sensor in place of the 3pin easy-guard connector that supplies the bypass unit with Ground When Running. Ground when running is critical to tell the immobilizer bypass to allow the remote start. (not important to this thread)

2) I have both the omega bypass unit with t-cable Kris used and fortin evo-all (CHR.T5). My goal is to use the Fortin, and document the connection and configuration for everyone. There is an advanced feature with the fortin that may be an advantage (see #3)

3) I have a crimestopper mobile phone based remote start, "Teleconnect" that utilizes the serial data bus for connection to the bypass module. The omega uses the serial port with hardwire install to have GWR in available. Advanced feature of the fortin EVO. It does not repurpose the data port for anything and offers both hardwire and data port install together.

I followed Kris's instructions on the main thread to get the easyguard installed, and I am just going to outline 2 key differences:

-I used 12v directly to the tach wire on the easyguard as opposed to the omega tach output
-I had to use a relay to get ground while running off of the ignition wires per the easyguard documentation

For the add on, I selected the fortin and planned to have it be tied directly to the ignition ahead of the omega. So I removed the omega and simply worked with the Fortin to get it functioning with the crimestopper.

First I had to configure the fortin for the jeep. Using the Fortin manual as my guide, paying close attention to the settings:


Additionally, to make the Crimestopper work I added C1, D1, D1.11 - Crank 20S (disabling D1.10 "Lock-Lock-Lock"), D1.6, D2, H2 "fortin", and a few settings in section A1, A3, A7, A8, A9, and A13 (note, some of these are not on in the photos; push to start was also added)


Then I programed the module and made it ready to use in the jeep. The only wires that need connection are the ignition wires (yellow from T-Harness and yellow from Fortin 20pin). The wires are just connected directly together

Once this was completed I added the fortin to the Jeep per the instructions (remember I took the omega out for this phase of installation). Fortin describes the bypass key programming in the manual I attached (its easy).

Now once The Fortin is ready for use, and acts as a bypass I connected the EVO-ALL per the instructions to the CrimeStopper and programmed it (see page 30):


There is a good video describing this process as well:

From there its as easy as downloading an app on your phone from the app store and copying over a SerialNumber from the crimestopper in to the app. You will need an account with MyCar first (this is free). Make sure you assign "fortin" to the protocol when you add the serial number. The appface can be customized to the car make, model, and color.


Last edited by matts74; 1 Week Ago at 10:07 PM. Reason: Manuals/Photos/Video added
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Old 1 Week Ago
matts74 matts74 is offline
Basic Member
Join Date: Feb 2019
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Vehicle: 2016 JKU
Posts: 14
Reputation: matts74 is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Re: Jeep JK CrimeStopper Teleconnect Remote Start
As a follow up. I reinstalled the Omega/Easyguard in behind the Fortin (tied to the ignition).

How does it all work?

The Good:
  • MyCar Remote Staring / Locking/ Unlocking is flawless, I am also able to check the car's location via gps from anywhere.
  • A quick call to fortin gave me the information I needed - the footbrake output is what tells the Fortin to allow takeover to the key or in my case the omega/easyguard
  • Takeover of the ignition happens when I get in the car, after a teleconnect remote start, and go through the easy guard motions to press the brake and start the car.
  • The best part is that the remote start countdown timer on the MyCar app stops and zero's out. this was my first clue that handoff to what the crimestopper/fortin thought was a key in the ignition, but was really the easyguard/omega, had happened.
The ehhh? but ok:
  • If I do a remote unlock from the fortin/crimestopper, the omega/easyguard behaves like I used the factory key. This behavior is detailed in the easyguard thread (theksmith's thread), so I sort of expected it.

Essentially the combo is flawless. In consideration of the original plan to only use a Fortin EVO-ALL with t-harness, I may not try this. The system works as I want it to right now with the two bypass units working toghether and handoff between the crimestopper and the main system being fairly seemless (short of the above). I'm not sure that he fortin/crimestopper/easyguard together would be any different, and I'm actually concerned that the handoff may not work as well as it does with the two units (Fortin and Omega) working in tandem as they are now.

What remains to be done:

Enable the seat warming function in the fortin and turn on the aux feature on mycar - not that I really care in Phoenix

Maybe try to add an Aux relay feature for lighting from the Fortin/MyCar app
Finish the key cutting and mounting in to my easyguard fobs so I don't have to carry a jeep key at all anymore
Stay cool in the summer here in Phoenix

If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out.


Last edited by matts74; 1 Week Ago at 10:09 PM.
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Old 1 Week Ago
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Default Re: Jeep JK CrimeStopper Teleconnect Remote Start
excellent work - and thanks for documenting it all here!
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