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Old 05-27-2012
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Jeep Blue Dick Mine attempt-Bradshaws-May 12-13, 2012
This trip was one that I took with a couple of folks from VJC. For me, it was my very first group fun. We only made it as far as the Davis-Dunkirk mine. My report was written originally to add to the one already posted at VJC. I am going to see if this site lets me put it all in one post. Thanks.

A quick side note, if anyone wants to explore the Bradshaw's, Little Burro definately know his way around there.

Well, here is my report and the pics I have to add to this trip.
We met up at Walker Road and SR 69 at the AM/PM around 11am (it was supposed to be earlier). I have run solo so long that my 'agoraphobic' side almost tried to get there even later, but when I pulled into the AM/PM I saw the two Jeeps off to the side with the VJC stickers so I knew I was in the right place. I tried to just stand around my Libby while they came out of the store to see if they would approach me, but when that failed, I figured what the heck, I may as well just drive over to their Jeeps, impose and introduce myself.
After some greeting and talking about the options, we left.
We went down Walker Road to a place called the "pink car" where Shilo took a bunch of pics, White Rabbit had to change out a wheel and we all aired down. But first, here we are on the way:

The Pink Car:

Afterwards, for a little while I was tailgunner; after we left the airdown site:

Nice that some one put a fisheye on a blind corner:

Already forgot the name of this lake, just remember that it's pretty much a private one:

Mmmmm, trees:

Now somewhere along the way, White Rabbit took up tailgunning and put me in the middle of this three Jeep trip. So, I figured I must have to try to take a rear view mirror shot. And of all the ones I tried to take, this is the only one that came out worth a crap:

Now we had to stop here for something that Mike obviously needed to find. But I can't rememeber what it was. Must be an old dude (on my part) thing:

A couple of photo ops on the way:

Now, here we are at the Davis Dunkirk:

Upper headrig:

Random shot of the old tracks into the upper part of the mine (wish it would have been a better pic):

Afterwards we continued on to attempt to get to the Blue Dick mine. As we progressed uphill through more and more loose rocks I finally clicked into 4H for more traction. Then after we topped one rise and were going down one drop, Chris (LittleBurro) stopped and showed me the line I should take going down the first part of the drop. No pictures. It really wasn't anything most of y'all would have troubles with, but when I went down that first part I did hit my xfer case skid plate because being a stocker, I don't have the clearance that most others have. No prob, I knew exactly where I placed myself and it hit off center to the passenger, exactly where I wanted it to; no problem. Then the road got better for a few hundred yards and there was a really cool campsite off to the right where I parked my Jeep for a bit.
However, the rest wanted to continue down so I took a shotgun seat with LittleBurro to see the rest. Well there was a 'spar' rock (where I admitted defeat, i.e. I'm not taking mine there) and then further down the rest of the road degraded to a virtual waterfall. The pics that LittleBurro posted about this part of the trail earlier do NO justice at all. LittleBurro drove down to the approach of the final drop/fall where we all said, "No Way!" But that is where there was a very nice overlook where one of my previous (cellphone) pictures was taken.

So anyways, after they got down, turned around, and headed back I decided I wasn't going to camp at that site, 'just in case'. As it went, I did go back up the same line (in 4H) but lost a bit of traction. Again nobody got pics. So I just backed off and tried again with a tiny bit more 'umph' and got over it without any bumping or banging. And that is where I threw down the gauntlet for WhiteRabbit to do the same, i.e. in 4H. Here is him preparing, with wife in front:

So, even though he was taking a different line in 4H, this is where he stopped?:

A quick click into 4L and up he comes:

Afterwards on the way back those guys decided to do some more mine exploration:

And I went on to find a place to camp:

And so I did:

After a long day of Jeeping, this beef's for me:

Hope y'all enjoyed my addition to this thread.
2006 KJ-pretty much stock~but well stocked when I travel.
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Old 05-28-2012
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Default Re: Blue Dick Mine attempt-Bradshaws-May 12-13, 2012
Looks like a cool trip. George
George & Diane
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