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long term review: SilBlade wipers

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i've now had SilBlade brand wipers on a couple different vehicles, and for 3 years on each one - so i thought it would be good to talk about how they've held up.




here's their pitch:


"SilBlade wipers utilize patented silicone technology that set us apart. Our wiper blades are not affected by extreme weather conditions, sunlight, ozone, oil and grime from road spray. Nor are they affected by extreme temperatures - as low as -80°F and as high as 400°F."




"SilBlade patented formulation leaves an invisible hydrophobic coating (water repellent) within 90 days from the first use. The activated release recharges the hydrophobic layer with every use throughout the life of SilBlade wipers. Your visibility during rainy conditions improves with every wipe."


so basicly it's more rugged, last longer, and also works magic - how do these claims hold up? pretty well actually, if you pick the right one of their multiple products.




product lineup:


- Silblade Premium: this is the standard "old school" metal wiper blade configuration:




- Silblade FlexBlade: this is a more modern style "constant tention" type wiper blade, mostly plastic:




- Silblade UniBlade: a hybrid enclosed plastic frame approach, supposedly good for a snow/ice type environment:





for those that don't like to read, basically the Premium ones rock, the FlexBlade ones suck, and the Uniblade ones i haven't tried.




the "Premium" product:


i had the Premium ones on my XJ for 3+ years. this is what they looked like when i sold it:




i wish i had a closeup of the actual silicone wiper material. other than a very few nicks, it was still in nearly perfect condition. they still left a clean even wipe. also, the logo and powder coat was a little faded, but still intact.


realize this was after 3+ years in the Phoenix sun and heat, on an outdoor parked vehicle. normally here we replace wiper blades every year, if not twice a year - the sun and heat just destroy the rubber in traditional wipers. every monsoon season, on the first good rain, the auto parts stores are flooded with people snatching up wiper blades like they were gold.




the "Flexblade" product:


i have had these on my WJ for 3 years now and they haven't been particularly great since day one. Right from the beginning, they didn't really create an even wipe. the design just wasn't as good as the traditional ones at holding tight to the curve of the window.


after a few months, the rubber cover on the main blade base also would come loose at every car wash:




after a couple years, the end cap of one went missing:




and the "holder" portion is a large plastic piece that is now all faded and oxidized (not that any plastic on the car is doing any better - just that the standard ones don't have any showing plastic for this to be a concern):




the actual silicone wiper has held up fine, no real nicks/tears/etc.






on both vehicles, you could definatly tell that the blades did leave a little coating where they wipe after a while - the rain would bead up there quite a bit even with the wipers off - so that part of the claim seems true.


as far as the lasting longer and rugged part of the claim, well it depends on the product. i fully recommend the Silbade Premium, but completely discourage anyone from the Flexblade. the actuall blade held up well on both products, so i guess the claim of ruggedness is true, if you just look at the core of the item.


i've just placed an order through Amazon.com for a new set of Premium ones to replace the Flexblade ones on the WJ, finally tired of dealing with them being sub-par. At $14 each, they *could* save you money if they last several years for you - however, you at least break even with the cost of replacing blades with cheap products yearly.


to me the convenience of not having to replace the blades each year, and the overall performance of the Premium product makes them a value, not the debatable cost savings.




oh - and they offer colored ones too, if you must:



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Great write up! This is good info out here because even our garage-kept queens go through windshield wiper blades it seems! I noticed you bought some new ones on Amazon, so I wonder if they're sold at auto-parts places and other retail outlets, or only on-line? Thanks for the info kdude! d :rolleyes:

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Nice write up sir, thank you. While I do not have SilBlade on our Tahoe, we do have some that are styled similar to the Flexblade. I have found that this design does not have a clean scrub. Perhaps it is the single/uni-blade design? I will be going back to some similar to the original framework.

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Sierra Expeditions carries them. Very good wiperblades.

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the new ones are on



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