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Offroad Passport

Anyone may post a trip (and please do!)

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Just a note... anyone may use this forum to plan & announce trips!


Simply post a new thread in the "Trip & Event Planning/Sign-up" forum. We created a handy template you might want to reference if you're unsure what information to post.


Usually people simply reply within your thread when they want to attend. We find it handy to continually "edit" the first post with an attending list and any new important details. That way everyone can see what's going on without having to read the entire thread.


Also adding your event to the calendar with a link to your sign-up thread will ensure that it is seen by everyone.


If you need help posting an event, or are just feeling forum-shy about making your first post, don't hesitate to send us a PM or use the Contact Us form.


This is a community and we want you to all participate in whatever way you feel comfortable!



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