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free (ish) IRO-style WJ front coil retainers

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What up with the WJ project?


I did a front pinion seal years ago, and never got the pinion assembled properly. It's been a constant problem, so I'm going through the whole front axle and making sure everything's right. Past that, it's been a lot of maintenance/mods. Mod #1 has been rust. Then, control arms, shocks, wheels/tires, gas tank lift, rust removal, addition of a navigator, two car seats and a heated shop and making the rear tire carrier navigator-friendly. :hypnotized:


I'm looking forward to not daily-driving the WJ, quickly adding some of the comfort/electrical mods that have been previously thoroughly researched and tested by others (:D), and then keep building it for expedition. A trip out west is still getting mentioned every so often by the navigator. My new Jeep club is doing the Rubicon this summer, but I work when they're going and my job doesn't give me vacation.


I'll try to get some new pics/posts up as soon as deer season and Thanksgiving are up, and stop hijacking my own threads. :ban:

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