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Tread Lightly! Stewardship Grants

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Tread Lightly! Stewardship Grant Program

Tread Lightly! recognizes that one of the best ways to promote responsible outdoor recreation is to get recreational enthusiasts involved in the stewardship of their favorite recreational areas. Tread Lightly!’s Stewardship Grants are designed to help individuals and clubs organize clean-ups, trail maintenance work days and other small stewardship projects. The maximum grant amount is $500, and those funds can be used to rent equipment or purchase supplies like garbage bags, water, or snacks for volunteers, etc.


Who is eligible?

You must be a Tread Lightly! member club or Three-Year Individual Member to apply. All other membership categories are not eligible.

Tread Lightly! Member Clubs and Three-Year Individual Members.


How much grant money can an applicant receive?

The maximum grant award is $500.


When are grant applications due?

Grant application deadlines for 2012 are as follows:

March 1

June 1

August 1

November 1



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Awarded grants for the November Cycle:



Quadratec Stewardship Grant Applications

November 2011 Deadline


Applicant: Red Rock Motorsports

Website: http://redrockmotorsports.com/

Location: Gallup, New Mexico

Start Date: January 2012

Summary: Informational signage and entry-way kiosk for a new OHV park in New Mexico. The grant will help to supplement other funding secured through the RTP grant program.


Applicant: Parker 4-Wheelers

Website: http://www.parker4wheelers.net/

Location: Parker, Arizona – BLM Lake Havasu Field Office

Start Date: February 2012

Summary: Assist with area cleanup costs on BLM land in the Lake Havasu Field Office and La Paz County. This is an event done twice a year to assist with public lands stewardship.


Applicant: Havasu 4-Wheelers

Website: http://havasu4wheelers.org/

Location: Lake Havasu, Arizona – BLM Lake Havasu Field Office

Start Date: March 2012

Summary: Assist with costs for desert cleanup, fencing of abandoned mine-shafts, and removal of junked vehicles from remote trails. Costs will help cover the needed supplies and volunteer support.


Applicant: Northwest Motorcycle Association

Website: http://www.nmaoffroad.org/

Location: Bothell, Washington – Tahuya State Forest

Start Date: January 2012

Summary: Grant money will be used to support volunteer efforts restoring trail bridges on the Tahuya State Forest in Washington, allowing for continued mixed-use recreation.


Applicant: Big Rubbers Custom 4x4 Club

Website: http://www.bigrubbers4x4.org/

Location: Windber, Pennsylvania – Doe Valley

Start Date: March 2012

Summary: Grant money will be used to continue the development of a pavilion that is used for volunteer support activities, education, and family recreation. This will also be the base for the charity trail runs that are held throughout the year.


Applicant: Two Trackers Four Wheel Drive Club

Website: http://www.twotrackers.org/

Location: Kentwood, Michigan – Manistee National Forest

Start Date: April 2012

Summary: Assist with the 14th annual area cleanup on the Manistee National Forest, including removal of historic dumping sites and prevention of future illegal dumping through education and monitoring.


Applicant: Expedition Awareness

Website: http://www.expedition-awareness.org/ALD/HOME.html

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

Start Date: December 2011

Summary: Development of educational materials and signage to be used at Expedition Awareness events throughout the nation.


Applicant: Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee

Website: http://www.tortoise-tracks.org/

Location: La Palma, California – Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area

Start Date: February 2012

Summary: Grant money will support volunteers during the DTPC cleanup, which includes litter collection, removal of invasive species, removal of unnecessary fences, and general participant education.


Applicant: MotherLode Rock Crawlers

Website: http://motherloderockcrawlers.com/

Location: Pioneer, California – Eldorado National Forest

Start Date: April 2012

Summary: Repair mud holes on the Pardoe Trail, preventing erosion and sedimentation increase in adjacent streams.


Applicant: Emerald Trail Riders Association

Website: http://www.etra.net/

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Start Date: January 2012

Summary: Assist with facilitation of the Youth Safety Evaluation Club, which is part of the new Oregon requirements for rider safety training for riders 15 years of age and younger.





Also, a note about the grant cycle in 2012. Application deadlines are as follows:


March 1, 2012

June 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

November 1, 2012

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Alrighty... Next round is open for Application! Paperwork must be submitted by 8pm on March 1st.


When are grant applications due?

Grant applications and all supporting material are due by 8:00 A.M. mountain time March 1, 2012.


What do I need for my application?

Applicants must submit an online grant application, a letter of support from a representative of the land management agency or land owner and, if applicable, any additional documentation including photos of the area.


Where should I send supplemental documentation for this grant?

Your letter of support and additional documentation can be emailed to grants@treadlightly.org or mailed to 353 E. 400 S. Suite 100, SLC, UT 84111.


When should my project or event be completed?

For this grant cycle, all projects or events must be completed and final reports submitted by July 31, 2012.


If I am awarded a grant, when should I expect funding to be released?

Tread Lightly! will provide fifty percent of the grant award up front. The final payment will be issued upon receipt of a complete project report and other requested documentation.




Remember that you must be a member club or 3-year individual member to qualify. Need to join? Click here: http://www.treadlightly.org/page.php/members/Members.html

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Good afternoon everyone! Just wanted to take a minute to get caught up on recently funded projects, and make everyone aware of the next grant deadline.


Quadratec Stewardship Grants Applicants

April 1st, 2012 Deadline


Applicant: Guemes Channel Trail

Website: http://www.guemeschanneltrail.com/

Location: Anacortes, WA

Start Date: Currently Running

Summary: Grant funds to assist volunteers and assessment for an on-going Rails To Trails project near the city of Anacortes, in Northern Washington.


Applicant: San Juan Mountain Association

Website: http://www.sjma.org/

Location: Durango, CO – Mud Springs (BLM)

Start Date: June 2, 2012

Summary: Volunteer project in the Mud Springs area, including remove a dumped freezer, install signage to make access to the trails more obvious, prune and brush trails and brush in old routes that are no longer in use.


Applicant: Lopez Island Conservation Corps

Website: http://www.blueboatdesign.com/licc/

Location: Lopez, Washington – Patos Island (BLM)

Start Date: June 1, 2012

Summary: Youth crews will concentrate on campsite and shoreline clean-up, opening up trails, and other general maintenance tasks.


Applicant: Fairbanks Off-Road Lions

Website: http://www.fairbanksoffroadlions.com/

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska – Fairbanks Creek Trail

Start Date: June 2012

Summary: Grant money will be used to perform maintenance on the trail including pruning back over growth, removal of fallen trees, erosion control, and other tasks. Some maintenance equipment will be purchased with funds.


Applicant: Kittatas County Field and Stream Club

Website: http://www.kittitasfieldandstream.org/

Location: Ellensberg, Washington – Durr Road

Start Date: April 2012

Summary: Funds will be used to support the annual cleanup on Durr Road, removing trash from recreational shooting and dispersed activities.


Applicant: Maine 4x4

Website: http://www.maine4x4.org

Location: Jay, Maine – Bear Mountain

Start Date: June 9, 2012

Summary: Clean up of the Bear Mountain area, purchase of barrels for future waste collection, and general trail maintenance on this private property that is open for public use.


Tread Lightly! Blog post for this cycle - http://treadlightlyoutdoors.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/tl-stewardship-grants-2012s-first-round/


Quadratec Stewardship Grants Applicants

June 1, 2012 Deadline


Applicant: Christian Crawlers 4x4 Club

Website: http://www.christiancrawlers.com

Location: Byrd’s Adventure Center – Cass, AR

Start Date: Currently Running

Summary: Purchase of Trasharoo’s and other items to facilitate trail and adventure center cleanup activities throughout the club, centered around a single trail run each month.


Applicant: Lake County Off-Road

Website: http://www.lakecountyoffroad.org/

Location: Fischer’s Pine Lake – Jefferson, OH

Start Date: October 2012

Summary: Purchase of safety and stewardship materials to promote responsible use and cleanup of area used by event. Designation and printing of trail maps for the Jamboree.


Applicant: Texas Master Naturalists – Sabine Neches Chapter

Website: http://txmn.org/sabine/

Location: Sea Rim State Park – Sabine Pass, TX

Start Date: September, 2012

Summary: Adoption of Sea Rim State Park, which has been devastated by hurricanes over the last several years. Funding will help with support for volunteer efforts to restore dunes, install interpretive signage, and cleanup beach areas.


Applicant: Thunder Mountain Wheelers ATV Club

Website: http://www.tmwatv.org/

Location: Delta, CO

Start Date: June 2012

Summary: Grant money will be used to construct and support a booth that will travel through the USFS Ouray Ranger District to convey Travel Management information, Tread Lightly! ethics, and assorted stewardship information.


Many thanks again to our friends (and partners) at Quadratec for their support of our stewardship programs. If you are in the market for new floor liners or grab handles, please consider supporting us through your purchase. http://www.quadratec.com/showcases/tread_lightly_floor_liners/



Our next grant application deadline is on August 1st. Grants are open to current member/partner clubs and 3-year individual members. To apply: http://www.treadlightly.org/page.php/stewardshipgrants/



And most of all... Thank YOU ALL for your work taking care of the public and private lands we enjoy. Couldn't do it without you.

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