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1/5/2013: Holiday Party Trail Ride, BBQ, Gift Exchange, Cookie Contest (Near Scottsdale, AZ) 4x4 Mod

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1/5/2013: Holiday Party Trail Ride, BBQ, Gift Exchange & Cookie Contest (Near Scottsdale, AZ) 4x4 Moderate

Join us for a great time at our annual "Holiday party after the Holidays." We'll take a short trail ride back to the Quartz Hills where we'll have a BBQ lunch, a White Elephant gift exchange and a cookie contest! The trail is rated moderate and is appropriate for most high-clearance 4x4 vehicles. There are some shelf-road areas on decomposed granite than can be a bit of "pucker factor" and require careful tire placement. We'll gladly spot you anytime you need a second set of eyes. After the fun, we'll head back out the same way we entered and should be finished by mid-afternoon.



Trailride to the Quartz Hills is a very scenic area. The trail is moderate, stock vehicle friendly with a few challenges: a rocky portion up a shelf (nothing scary) and some careful tire placement on decomposed granite where good articulation is key (a little pucker-factor here!). Spotting provided when needed! Part of the trail criss-crosses a stream that may or may not be flowing, again, nothing scary or dangerous.


Pot Luck BBQ - Everyone bring something to grill & a dish to share.


Due to lack of grill space, we've asked that everybody try to stick to hotdogs (unless you have special dietary needs).

Some people could bring hotdog buns, chips, plates, napkins & forks, etc. instead of a side dish and it would be fine.


Cookie Baking Contest - Bring your homemade cookies in a container with your name on it. Please cut your cookies into quarters (or bite-sized pieces) so everyone may sample them. The cookie with the most votes wins a prize!


Gift Exchange

  • Bring wrapped gift(s) to participate!
  • $20 price (suggestion) limit
  • No limit to the number of gifts per person

  • 4x4, Expedition, Camping or White Elephant theme; let's have fun with it!

  • Take a number for each gift you bring

  • The highest number goes first by opening any present

  • The next highest number may steal the first gift or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open

  • A gift may be stolen no more than 3 times per round

Meet: 9:00 AM - Depart for trail 9:30 AM (or when everyone is ready)

Shell/Circle K Shea Blvd & Monterey Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ (S. side of Shea, W. of Hwy. 87) MAP

Trail Leaders:

Number 7 & dzJeepchic - Condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo)

TheKSmith - dogs, buns and ez-cheese! and maybe some chips & dip





Desert 4x4 - Tater Salad

CAMartino (tentative)


Bradywgn71 - Chips (Meeting at Beeline & Bush Hwy.)


lofreqjeff - beverages; waters, soda's & ice

lazarus - chilli, crackers & paper bowls


K7VZ & family - veggie tray

Ladybug - broccoli chicken salad & green tomato relish

Mike & Marianne - fruit salad


curbjumper - Johnsonville Sweet Italian sausage and buns

jasonsutton1 - plates, forks and napkins




GOTMTNS - few packs of hot dogs and some buns (Meeting at Beeline & Bush Hwy.)

In-a-rut - Coleslaw

schip2009 - hummus and pita chips...and those 'pinwheels', the tortilla wraps with the yummy stuff inside

RandyT - milk for the cookies



To sign up, simply reply to this thread!

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Please sign me up......thanks! :)

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It's a ways out for me but it sounds like fun! Count us tentatively in...

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I'm in.

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Pls add us to the list.

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I'll be there.

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Please include us in this event.

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