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Bradywgn Build - Grand Cherokee Overland 2002

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20210501_123900.thumb.jpg.d11b55b390d361c6b0334443afc3604f.jpgBeen a crazy year healthwise for us. Additionally, with us selling our house in mid May we had a push to get her back together.  Thanks to @theksmith for multiple visits.  She is alive and back together. Currently finishing up the drawer system and waiting on the correct size water tanks to come in. We'll be without a garage for a while so will attempt to finish up wiring in the refrigerators, invertor, and water pump soon.  Planing on Trail Hero in October for sure.


Pictures of the new metal frame and getting wood cut and fitted. Up near seats the two refrigerators will go. Behind that is the water tanks (14 gallons). Then a large drawer on slides.  Under that is a pull out table.








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Oh yeah and raptor lining all the wood this week hopefully.  

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Looking good you guys!!!!

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