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8/2012 AZ Statewide OHV Program Newsletter

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header.jpgholder.gifFrom The Desk Of The OHVAG Chairman



Dear OHV Enthusiast,


In my last months Chairman’s report I went into great detail on how your State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group wasn’t being listened to by some of the State Parks Staff. I would like to thank all of you that took the time to write letters of discontent to our State Governor, State Legislators, and to the newly appointed Director of State Parks. As a result of these letters I have been able to sit down with State Senator Sylvia Allen, “an avid ATV rider” to discuss all of our concerns. I also have a special meeting set up for August 10th with the new State Parks Director to hopefully iron out any and all of our differences. Senator Allen promised me that she would stay involved in this issue and I would like on behalf of all the OHV Community to thank her for her dedicated support.


One of the issues that will be addressed during my meeting with Executive Director Martyn is why his staff decided to not award a grant, approved by his Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory group, for a NEPA study at the Snowflake OHV Recreation area. I was personally asked by the National Forest Service, Black Mesa Ranger District, to help them out in writing a grant that would pave the way for future recreation along with allowing Off-Road Racing that has been taking place at this location for the past 40 years to continue. This denial of the grant is devastating for the racing community along with a serious impact to the local communities that have been recently hit with the closure of the local Paper Mill. The racing organization, Whiplash Enterprises, has demonstrated that it brings in over 1000 entries each year to these races. Whiplash has demonstrated that it put on a safe and environmentally sensitive race event. Because of the way the State Sticker bill was written, racing participants aren’t required to purchase a Sticker for racing. I had worked out an agreement with Jay McKinley, founder of Whiplash Enterprises that would require all participants to purchase the State Sticker thus adding an influx of thousands of dollars into the State OHV Recreation fund going towards trail development. It seems kind of ironic that the Federal Government that usually is the road block on issues such as this was in favor of it and our own State agency was to blame for stopping the grant. It is my hope that once this issue is explained to Executive Director Martyn he will see fit to go forward with the grant. It is puzzling to me that with the enormous amount of OHV funding available and with the approval of his OHV advisory group along with the devastating impact on the local community, why the State Parks Board turned the grant down.


Another disturbing issue that will be discussed with Director Martyn is why his staff, during this same granting cycle, ignored his OHV Advisory group’s denial of a grant request for the funding of two seasonal (Federal) employees for the Tonto National Forest. As it turns out, these employees happen to be seasonal Forest Service Firefighters that the Forest District wanted to keep on staff instead of letting them go. This is noble of them wanting to keep hard working employees. The problem I have is our OHV dollars shouldn’t be going towards this type of funding. Instead it should be going towards construction, maintaining and renovating OHV facilities and trails around the State.


I feel confident that after my upcoming meeting with Director Martyn we will be able to address these issues and come to some suitable conclusion.


In closing I would like to remind all of you about an exciting event that is coming up this September 4th thru 8th. The Arizona Outlaw Jamboree in Eagar, Arizona will again be a great event that you shouldn’t miss.



John Savino, Chairman

AZ State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group


holder.gifArizona To Host The 2013 American Trails International Trails Symposium

holder.gifholder.gifholder.gifArizona will be hosting hundreds of trails leaders during the American Trails International Trails Symposium (ITS) scheduled for April 14 to 17, 2013 at the Yavapai Nation's Radisson Fort McDowell in Fountain Hills, Arizona.


The Symposium is the premier opportunity for greenways and trails advocates, managers, planners, builders, and users, as well as environmental, tourism, development, and business interests, to come together to strengthen America’s remarkable network of trails and to experience an inspirational, educational, and fun-filled conference.


Please visit the Symposium website at www.AmericanTrails.org/2013 to learn more about the Symposium including sponsorship opportunities, venue and area information, volunteer signup, and other details.

holder.gifArizona State Parks Announces Two Open Positions in Statewide OHV Program





This full time professional position offers a great opportunity for you to combine your knowledge of OHV recreation management, land management, and natural resources to promote safe and responsible use of OHVs and develop programs that promote resource protection, social responsibility and interagency cooperation.


TO APPLY FOR THE PLANNER II, RECREATIONAL TRAILS PLANNER POSITION, PLEASE VISIT THE STATE OF ARIZONA'S "EXTERNAL" JOB BOARD AT: https://secure.azstatejobs.gov/pljb/global_jsp/applicant/DisplayJob/JobDetails.jsp?display=1&pljbHome=/azgovjobs/mainjb/applicant/index.jsp&id=47145


This position will assist the Grant Programs Coordinator and OHV Coordinator with the following: researching, analyzing, writing and implementing regional and statewide recreational trail planning and grant documents; This position will coordinate and attend Advisory Committee meetings to include preparing agendas, meeting materials, and meeting minutes.


The position will assist in preparing and implementing short and long range plans and writing comprehensive reports, interpreting of research data and survey findings; make presentations at Advisory Committee and State Parks Board meetings regarding grant program implementation, planning, management and policy issues; workshop creation and facilitation; preparation of planning documents relative to funding high priority grant projects; involvement with local, state, federal and tribal planners and the public; and development of statewide priorities, rating criteria, and policies and procedures for various grant programs.


Other responsibilities include report and budget preparation, development and administration of agreements, presentation of information, public speaking, volunteer recruitment and management, and site visits. The position implements all necessary policies and work programs to fulfill the position responsibilities.


***Arizona State Parks Mission*****

Managing and conserving Arizona's natural, cultural and recreational resources for the benefit of the people both in our parks and through our partners.


holder.gifFeatured Trail: Sheridan Mountain/Smith Mesa OHV Trails System (Prescott)

holder.gifholder.gifholder.gifIf you are looking to get out of scorching, Southern Arizona summer heat we suggest checking out the Sheridan Mountain-Smith Mesa OHV Trail System located west of Chino Valley and south of Camp Wood.




Arizona State OHV Grant funds have been used to enhance the 42-miles of long and challenging bike and ATV trails that contain beautiful panoramic views. Most of the trails are manageable, but they are relentlessly bumpy so be prepared. It is also possible to do long cruising loops on the forest service roads which will take you past some interesting old corrals and through a couple of shallow stream crossings.


These trails are open to off-highway vehicles but closed to jeeps, pickups, and passenger cars. Camping, riding cross-country or on deer trails, cow trails, skid trails, or road cutbanks and fill-slopes is prohibited.




To get to the Sheridan Mountain-Smith Mesa OHV Trail System take the CR-5 (Williamson Valley Road) north for about 22.1 miles. Then, head west on NF-21 for another 15 miles and turn right on NF-195 – from here you should see a staging area 100 feet in. For more information, contact the Prescott National Forest, Bradshaw and Chino Valley Ranger District at (928) 443-8000 or (928) 777-2200.


Download the Sheridan Mountain/Smith Mesa OHV Trail System Map here.

holder.gifCall Before You GO!

holder.gifholder.gifholder.gifBefore you ride or drive, always contact the appropriate land manager to check on route closures, fire danger, local conditions, special permits or permission, OHV policy, maps of route and area information.


For appropriate land management numbers, click on this link.

holder.gifUpcoming Events



Rd 1 AZGP Show Low

Sun, 9/2



AZ ATV Outlaw Trail Jamboree

Tues, 9/4- Sat, 9/8



BlueWater Desert Challenge

Fri 10/12 - Sun 10/14




Sun, 10/14




Fri, 10/19- Sat, 10/20




Sat, 10/28



If your club/organization would like to add events to the calendar please email Robert Baldwin at rbaldwin@azstateparks.gov to get your events added to the OHV eNewsletter



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Sound like there is some serious BS going on with OUR OHV money... also sounds like some people are at least trying to keep others accountable... thoughts?

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I'm really glad we've got these guys looking out for our interests, and I'm glad John Savino is not afraid to be vocal when he sees something going afoul. I'm hopeful that his meeting went well on Aug. 10 with the new State Parks Director and they were able to iron out the differences between OHV and his office. I'm sure the outcome will be in his next news letter. We are seriously lucky to have these OHV advocates here in AZ - they call it like it is - and we really need that kind of representation.

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