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Rockfall at Grand Canyon Caught on Film

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This is pretty spectacular, I found it on Grand Canyon NP fb page: "Yesterday morning at 10:40, college students participating in the Grand Canyon Semester program were talking with the Wildlife Biologist at Hopi Point and looking at the Condor nest below Grandeur Point.; thunderhead clouds were building over the North Rim in a buildup to what seemed like another beautiful afternoon monsoon rain. There was a thunder clap, yup, it’s going to rain soon. But the thunder kept rolling on and we looked north to see a plume of red dust rising from the Supai layer below Cheops Temple. The plum got bigger and changed to white as the rock fall hit the Redwall Limestone layer below! WOW canyon building live and in color! Visitors asked if this happens often – it depends on how you define often; it’s been happening for six million years." JF (NPS photo by J. Fillion)




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