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My Rig and my Wife's rig

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I know I posted these in other threads, but here they are again.....

My 88 YJ: 4.0/AX15 swap, spring lift, homemade highline hood and fenders, CJ 7 doors and top, 31x10.5 BFG AT K/Os, posilock, side trex sliders. More to come as time and money permit :D




My wifes Grand Cherokee: 218,000 miles, Stock.


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It's been a while since I posted here. Candy's ZJ has had a lifter tapping for a while and it finally had enough. It still runs, but not good, so Not going to drive it until we can find another 4.0 for it. (Pulling an engine that is locked up is no fun!!) In the mean time, my 31's are not really safe for travel anymore. So while her ZJ is resting waiting for a new engine, I swapped wheels as my YJ is my daily driver. While it makes my YJ look wimpy, we both agree that her ZJ has a great look to it...... Which means that I'm gonna have to buy new tires for it.... and new tires AND wheels for my YJ....

I know the zj is gonna need some lift, but it's off to a great start.


What do ya think?


My YJ lookin wimpy:



Candy's ZJ looking good:




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Well, I have had one of the Tuffy "add a trunk" behind the seat storage shelves in my YJ for a few years, and there just isn't enough room in it. Also, my teenage boys are always complaining about the lack of room in the back seat, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.


I made a frame to have some Under the seat storage, at the same time, lifting the seat and moving it rearwards so that the boys have some more leg room.


This is what I came up with... Pics are of Tuffy add a trunk, and my new storage area. The seat folds and tumbles forward for access, and the rack has a quick access storage area for my two ammo tool boxes, which contain jack and assorted equipment in one and hand tools in the other... I still have to pull It back out, add some front and rear panels, ant paint it and then bolt it in. I also have to reposition the latch points on the sides of the fenderwells. The frame is all made out of 1"x1" square tubing I had laying around...


This is what it looked like before:




This is the storage area I now have under the seat. Great for tow strap, come-a-long, jumper cables, etc.



I welded in the cross bar for the back of the seat to sit on, and found out after I installed it that it is the perfect size for my two ammo tool boxes:




And this is the area now behind my seat:



Now the boys have a much more comfortable riding area , more leg room. Which means they don't complain.... as much ;).

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Nice, i bet you could fab a more stable mount for your boombox on that rack fairly easy too.

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LOL, It may look like a boom box, but it is really just a cheap set of speakers I got at walmart for like $30 to go along with my radio. Not very much boom to it.


I'm still trying to figure out the best way to mount them. I have to move them to get into the storage spaces. I may make some of those side boxes that go over the wheel wells that can be used for storage, speaker mounts, and arm rests. No sure how I'm gonna do that yet though.. I missed a chance of getting some real nice ones on craigslist. They were just a little to much out of my price range (My price range is as little as possible ;) )

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Wow, Guess it has been along time since I updated this thread. So Grumpy had some things wear out and replaced. Also a couple of upgrades. I checked and found my drivers side front hub bearing had play in it, so I replaced both of them. Wow! that noise that I had thought was noisy gearing in the transmission, was actually the hub bearings dried out. I can't believe how long I've driven on them. When I first got my jeep running I heard the noises, and initially checked the bearings for play/roughness, but they were smooth and no play in them. So I assumed that the noise was coming from the tranny and I changed out all the fluids but still noisy. I figured I would just drive it until it got worse. Well the noise never got worse but the hubs eventually showed play.

New hubs in, no more noise! What the heck? I had been driving with that noise for over 4 years.



A couple months later, I finally bought a locker for the front. I got the Lockrite, and installed it in about 2hours. What a huge difference in traction.




Then in March, my son bought me a windshield kit for my b-day. It came with new frame, glass, and rubber seals for the glass and the cowl. Installing the glass with the sealant provided is a nightmare if you don't have a powered caulking gun. I tried and failed and ended up cleaning everything up and taking it to a glass shop. They made it look easy, partly because they used a different exterior seal for the glass which was a much better design. I also ordered new hinges, as the old ones were broken.



New kit:




Painted Frame:




Removing the old:






Broken Hinges:




Had to remove dash to get hinge bolts/nuts out:







When I installed my radio a couple of years ago, I never bothered hooking up the front speakers because I knew that the factory ones behind the dash would be toast. Imagine my surprise when I found out what are actually back there. And they are in great shape, and work!




Test fitting new frame:










Amazing how easy it is to see out of. I had gotten so used to the sand blasted/ cracked/ hazed old windshield that the new one looks like there is nothing there. Also, no more leaks when it rains!!



Next upgrade: My son gave me a highlift for Christmas. Now that the windshield was done, I could mount it on the jeep. I ordered some brackets on ebay for about $35. Turns out the guy who make them lives in Vail, Az on the east side of Tucson, only about 70 miles from where I live. These are some great pieces and very sturdy. They are cnc milled and bent. I am very happy with them.








Next upgrade is a winch. I just traded for a Smittybilt XRC 8500 winch that needs a new solenoid box (the housing the solenoid sits in). I also have to save up for a winch plate. I will post pics once I am finished with that project.


Also, am building a swing out tire carrier. I am using 2x3 square tubing for the crossbeam and upright, and 2x2 square tubing for the 45* angle supports. I was trying to figure out what I am going to use to mount the wheel. I looked at different pieces of metal and plate. I was sitting at my workbench contemplating this when I looked down and saw one of my old hub assemblies on the floor... yep! that will work. Just gotta press the hub out of the bearing. and I know it will fit, plus already has the studs pressed in. I'll post pics of that as I go as well.



Thanks for reading.

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Nice work and great improvements!

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Wow, time flies when you are having fun. Can't believe it has been 3.5 years since I posted here.


The ZJ is gone. We replaced the 4.0 in it and drove it for a few more years. The drivers door was sprung when we got it, and eventually it just wore out until it would not close anymore. And the Transmission was giving lots of problems. I traded it to a fabricator friend of mine who was building a new rock crawler and needed a good 4.0. He built a full cage in Grumpy (my 88 wrangler) for me in trade, took the 4.0 out and then sold the body to someone else.


Grumpy Updates: Full cage, chrysler 8.25 rear end, 4" lift, 33x12.5x15 BFG KO2's, home built roof cargo rack. Daily drive it 130 miles a day to work, round trip.


"Slowly" looking for another Grand Cherokee or Forerunner for wife, and to use for Overland rig.

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Wow, long time no see. Welcome back!

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