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Old Iron Run II, February 16-18, 2013

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Lance and I have posted this run in Expedition Portal and I though there might be some folks with some older rigs here as well. Feel free to drop me a line here or on EP.


After visiting with 1 Leg Lance, we decided that it was time to put on another "Old Iron Run." We got short changed on the last trip due to snow, so we thought it a better idea to do this run a month earlier. Just one slight caveat though, last year the run was between 7,000 ft. and 5,000 ft. elevation. This year the trip is at 700 feet with some passes getting near 2,000.


To be eligible to partake, you must have some Old Iron. Old Iron is classified as any vintage four wheel drive vehicle that is a 1980 or older. That vehicle can be a Land Cruiser, Rover, Jeep or any 4X4 pickup and we certainly don't limit any modifications that can be done (half the fun is seeing what folks do with their Old Iron). This is also why we are posting up so early, with rigs that old, sometimes they require some pre-run attention.


So, hopefully folks can come and join us for a two night, three day run in and around the Kofa Wildlife Preserve. Kofa is not too far from Phoenix or Tucson or even my humble town of Kingman. It offers a great selection of backcountry roads and plenty of nice spots to camp.


The runs will include Palm Canyon, Skull Rock, Big Canyon Mine, Castle Dome and possibly Kofa cabin. The pace will be casual and the destinations are simply goals. If the group chooses to spend more time at one area, this is not a problem. Due to the nature of the Kofa, we will not have a base camp. Each night we will be camping at a different location. There are no limitations on the age of the camp gear however a fellow would be getting some style points if he/she showed up with a couple of dutch ovens.


I will be setting up camp at the base of the Palm Canyon trailhead on Friday afternoon (February 15th) and anyone can join us there if they choose to come out early. Palm Canyon is easy to find from either Yuma or Quartzite. The turn off is on the east side of Az highway 95 between mp 85 & 86. There is ample room there for many camps. Those coming in Saturday can meet us at the trailhead.


I have travelled some of the Kofa and look forward to seeing more of the area. The scenery is Mojave desert at it's best and the weather that time of year is comfortable. I will post some teaser pics soon. Let us know if you can come, we will be posting additional information as we get closer to the event.


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