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BRC: Public Lands Update

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BRC_public-lands-banner-2.jpgUS Forest Service Releases Draft Planning Directives forest-service-logo3.jpgA lot of people who care about our National Forests were disappointed to see the USFS promulgate planning regulations that seemed to ignore the current state of mismanagement, or perhaps more accurately, non-management. Instead of streamlining a overly bureaucratic planning process, the new Planning Rule just made things worse.

On February 15, 2013, the USFS released the proposed 2012 Planning Rule Directives (sometimes known as the Manual and Handbook) for public review and comment. Read more here.

Key BLM Management Plans a Priority for BRC

blm_logo-2.jpgI just wanted to give our community a heads up on two very important land use management and travel plans from the Bureau of Land Management. One is Nevada's Carson City District Office. The other is out of Colorado's Grand Junction Field Office.

Both of these areas are destination recreation areas for motorized and non-motorized visitors from around the country. Both are home to world class single track, ATV and rock crawling trails. And both are in the cross hairs of some of the most extreme anti-recreation groups out there.

The Grand Junction BLM is furthest along in the process. They released their draft plan and, sadly, the BLM's "preferred alternative" proposes closing over 60% of the roads and trails to motorized use. The good news is that one of the BLM's alternatives is actually pretty good (Alternative D) and the recreation community is working together to push the BLM toward something that makes sense.

We have a more detailed update on the Grand Junction plan in our latest Colorado Land Use Update. Check it HERE.

Keep an eye on your inbox for more updates and info on these two important plans. We'll have something for you soon!

Yellowstone Update ynp-winter-new-2.jpgBRC's Jack Welch commented to me the other day that the release of the Yellowstone National Park's Winter Management Plan would be a key indicator of how Ken Salazar's replacement, Sally Jewell, would address recreation in National Parks, and perhaps Bureau of Land Management lands as well.

BRC member know that snowmobile use in Yellowstone has been under attack for the past 15 years. Snowmobile enthusiasts held their breath as the NPS held up the planned release of the Yellowstone plan until after Jewell's nomination was announced. The snowmobile community was able to breathe a collective sigh of relief after receiving Jack's news that the plan had finally been announced. Check out the entire update here. here.

State Specific News: us-map-state-update-project-2.jpg

Public lands news headlines from Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho, Florida, Utah and California. Check out all the headlines here.

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