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Update to the "Lo $" trailer winch Story...

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As it turns out, my hand operated low buck trailer winch worked fine for a 1/2 finished project TJ, but when trying to load a dead ZJ that was in some soft dirt/sand, and in a difficult to get at location with a VERY slight upgrade being the only position I could get the trailer positioned, and yet keep the 2WD truck on solid enough ground to not fear getting it stuck, in order to load the dead ZJ, it was a different story...:P


SO... Back to the drawing board...:o:P


After a little research, I ordered a 3000# ATV winch (it was on sale @ $79, with free shipping, making it cheaper than any of the 1500# units I was able to locate).


It arrived before I went to Florida, and I fabricated a hitch stinger to make it portable to both help with lessening the likelihood of theft with it being permanent mounted to the trailer, and to allow it to be used on any vehicle equipped with a 2" receiver. Got that much done before I left for Florida.


Been home since Wed evening, and today, I finished the receiver brackets for mounting it on the trailer. Still have to wire it but the wiring will have to wait a week or so, as I'm headed to Utah for the Maze district trip...:rolleyes:;)


Pic's uploaded...:cool:





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