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Trip Sign-Up/Info Template

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Below is a template you may find helpful when posting a trip. Just copy & paste into your own new thread.


A couple notes:


  • We usually use the following format for the title... Date: Trail/Area: Rating: Near Town, State: Lodging
    (example) 1/20 - 1/25/2000: Rubicon Trail: Difficult: Near South Lake Tahoe, CA: Tent Camping


  • Also add your event to the calendar with a link to your sign-up thread to ensure it's seen by everyone.




-------------------- Template --------------------





A general overview of the trail or areas you are running.


Please list a difficulty rating of Easy/Moderate/Difficult. We use these as pinning down an exact number rating is often not possible. Listing further details on expected trail conditions are helpful (shelf road, narrow, brushy, rock crawl, steep loose climbs, scenic forest road, etc.). If you've never been to the area and aren't sure what you'll encounter then be sure to say that (we note those as "Exploratory" trips usually).



Lodging: (for multi-day trips)


Please list the lodging situation here for multi-day trips. If it's different for each day then put the info in the itinerary section instead.


Examples: Dry/dispersed tent camping, Campground with tent & RV areas, Motel, etc.





List the meeting place & time and provide a map link or directions.


Mention when and where the trip will end if known.


For multi-day trips, please give a list of the overall plan for each day.



Additional Info:


CB Channel (usually 4) and/or HAM radio info (simplex freq and repeater info if known).


Should people bring lunch? Everyone should bring snacks and plenty of water on any trip, no matter how short!


Do participants need a permit or are there other restrictions?


Are pets allowed? Weapons? Long haired freaky people? etc.


Expecting crazy weather or other special conditions?





If you have a participant/rig limit, list it here.


Indicate your trip leaders and then keep a running list of everyone that's signed-up by editing the first post.






That's it and have fun! Be sure to monitor your thread and answer anyone's questions. We'd love to see what you did once you return - just post a new thread in the "Trip Reports & Photos" forum.

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