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Burro Creek and Alamo Lake - WOW!

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This truly was a fun trip, and just a great group of people!!

We hit dirt off AZ 97 (the road to Bagdad) off of AZ 93....And headed off to Burro Creek. It was perfect as we reached Six Mile Crossing of Burro Creek just in time for lunch!




From there we went to an old mine site, gps coordinates thanks to SlyDawg, where we picked up some opalite. Don't quite know what this rock is used for, its like a pasty quartz, but I'll be seeing how it tumbles!




As we head out of this area, the tailing from the Bagdad mines are not far in the distance.




After returning to AZ 93 for a few short miles into Wickiup and topping off our gas tanks, we head west into one of the prettiest Joshua tree forests in AZ.....We set up camp...




This was our coldest night...but still not bad...the elevation a shade above 3000 ft. The next morning was just so pretty as we head south.




We drive onto the old town of Signal. This town was set up to process ore from the McCracken Mine.




It was neat to see water in the Big Sandy.




We had the gps coordinates for the cemetery and decided to try to find it. Sliding down into the wash...




And how cool is this?! And can you imagine stacking all this rock up for this??!




And don't try to find this cemetery without the gps coordinates!!



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We head off south again, over the hills to the Goldbug mine.




There truly is nothing left of this mine shaft, but the views are well worth the drive!





On our way down the other side of the hill...We bypass this waterfall area. It is along this trail that we see 2 deer and 3 burros. I must add that this area is full of wild burros...Not that we saw a lot, but we saw ALOT of burro poop on the entire trip. And it was kinda cool listening to the coyotes and burros at night!




These areas are really quite remote, but also really quite pretty! We travel along the west side of wilderness area.




On Friday night we camp along the north side of Alamo Lake.




And the full moon on this trip was just so pretty! We were quite lucky as we did see a sheet of rain on the south side of the lake, heading east, but it never came close to us.




And here comes sunrise on Saturday morning!



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We are lucky to be near the slot canyon, so it wasn't hard for us to check this out Saturday morning. Thanks to Dead End Joe for leading us through the canyon.




We get out and walk up one of the slots....our jeeps just couldn't go thru here...






After our walk, we drive on...






After this, we head west on the Rawhide Trail. This trail runs along the north side of the Rawhide Wilderness area. Cool mines along here....We agreed, we are going back!!!

Lunch break at a rare intersection in the trail.




We almost thought we saw Egypt in the distance! due to all those pyramid mountains in the distance!!




The trail ends up following the pipeline near the end....And there it is! - a view of the pipeline as it crosses the Bill Williams River....see it?!



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The trail leads us right to the pipeline where it crosses the river.




Now that's a good looking set of jeeps!!




The Bill Williams River is below...




At this crossing, the river consisted of 3 puddles to cross...






A final view of the pipeline, this time from the south looking north into the Rawhide Wilderness area....where we had just circled around.




We get to camp around 4 pm, and lucky to find the group site at Swansea was available.....

On Sunday morning, we explore Swansea....These are employee housing that volunteers work on to help restore.




Tim and Devon check out one of many covered mine shafts.




Roy checks out 2 other shafts...




And the copper smelter and dust chamber in the distance.




Other than seeing 2 quad drivers at the town of Signal, we saw no one else in 4 days.....These trails are out there a ways! But such beautiful country!!


Many many thanks to all of you who came out on this trip! Thanks for your great company, and your patience. It was indeed just a most delightful time!!!


smiles, ladybug

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Awesome trip report and pictures Karen! Thanks for sharing them - it sure looked like a great trip!

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looks like you led a very successful trip Karen! thanks for organizing it and sharing it with the Offroad Passport community.

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Wonderful pictures, Karen, and the trip was divine. Beautiful scenery, wonderful group of people, good food and awesome jeeping adventure. Thanks!

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looks like fun I can't wait to hit this trail next week. who has the GPS tracks for this?

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Was a good trip route, visiting many interesting sites, made fantastic because of the great group of folks on it…:cool:


Thanx to all who came out to play… ;)

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