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Swansea / alamo lake thanksgiving weekend

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we had a good trip out there this past weekend and I do have a trip file for anyone who wants it just PM me and I can send you my email to send it on over.


here is just a few of the photos we focused on a lot of the swansea buildings including the pump house which is up by the bill Williams river i think north of Swansea like you are going to the above ground gas line.




it was pretty deep there




going to the pump house Friday morning


at the pump house overlooking the area


the river may have been a little deeper then when you guys went




on the north west side of the lake, lets just say it was perfect here we had our own little peninsula we just had to do a little bush whacking to get it.



going to the historic bill William crossing north of the lake, at the mine here on the way.

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Cool pictures thanks for sharing them!

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Glad It All Went Well For You! Great Pics!

Smiles, Ladybug

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