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Grayhorse Mine

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On New Year's Eve, a few friends and I went out to find Grayhorse Mine. This mine is just north of Kearny, Arizona. We left at 6 am (so we could get back early and hit a few other places on the way). Our first stop was the Ripsey Hill area to explore some more of the mines/ruins there:



Old Ranch house near Ripsey Hill



Wooden structure



View from below



Cans, cans and more cans. Not sure what they had in these, but they needed a lot of it



An old scale



An old winch



Tons of old engine parts strewn all over


On our way to Grayhorse, we found this interesting rock feature. I found some really cool rocks here.




Me and Cat-dog



Looking back from the rock feature


One of the first things you'll notice at Grayhorse is the remnents of an old stone foundation bridge:




Not going to cross it



Old stone roadway, laid out like bricks. First time I've ever seen that.



Some of the stone ruins there







Grayhorse Mine



Cat-dog doesn't like going in mines, so she stayed outside



Well, mostly. This is as far as she came in



Let the sun shine in (to the back of the Grayhorse Mine)



Looking up at the air vent



Enjoying the mine


Oh, I almost forgot the gratuitous Cat-dog pics:



"Are you done yet?"



"Where we going next, Dad?"



She was so tired on the way home she didn't notice her blanket had fallen on top of her



We uncovered her and this is how she spent the rest of the trip home



It was an awesome trip at some really cool places. And, we even got home before dark (which is fairly unusual for me)!

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PRETTY COOL. Its a shame I wasn't with you. Maybe next time.

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Nice report, Matt. Hope we can get together again on a run.

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Very cool! May have to check this one out someday!!

smiles, ladybug

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