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Camp Ragnar

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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:bacon: CAMP RAGNAR :bacon:

Camp opens Thursday afternoon, race starts Friday morning. Friday night after all return to camp is our traditional bacon vodka, bacon beer & bonfire followed Saturday morning with our potluck breakfast featuring... yup you guessed it BACON!!!!

Please let us know if you plan to camp or not, what day(s) you'll be there, how many in your party. If you'll be joining us for breakfast, what can you bring? (see list)


So please post up with the dish or other item you'll be bringing to share.

Camp Ragnar Breakfast - Saturday at 8AM - Menu: Breakfast Burritos WITH BACON


Breakfast list update (as of Feb. 10)


Bacon – Hormel Black Label Thick Sliced Bacon – Gary – 2 pounds

- and more bacon – Darren

- and more bacon

Eggs – David

- and more eggs if needed


Firewood – Gary, Charlie, Paul – contact Paul if you can chip in a few bucks for firewood. Click here: http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php?3842-RAGNAR-2014 for more info.

- and more firewood

Orange Juice - Charlie

Large fry pan and burner – (courtesy of Virgil) – THANKS VIRGIL!!!

Carolina’s tortillas, salsa, chips – Paul

Glenn’s famous potatoes and refried beans – Glenn and Lloyd

Coffee – Chris

Plates – Lloyd

Cups – Lloyd

Napkins/Paper towels – Lloyd

Plastic utensils – Lloyd

Shredded Cheese – Gary – several small bags – cheddar, sharp, jalapeno, jack, etc.


Optional: OJ, Juice, Milk, Bloody Mary Mix, etc.

And last but not least, we need a new group picture for 2014!


Thanks to all for signing up to help with Ragnar!

Look forward to seeing you.


Camp Ragnar 2013





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