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Brc sage grouse action fund

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Date: February 20, 2014



Don Amador, BRC Western Representative

Phone: (925) 625-6287

Email: brdon@sharetrails.org


Del Albright, BRC Director of Operations

Phone: (209) 304-7693

Email: brdel@sharetrails.org




Sage Grouse POCATELLO, ID (February 20, 2014) -- BRC believes that responsible motorized recreation can coexist with the Sage Grouse in its habitat across 47 million acres of the west. But in order to ensure common sense is factored into the equation BRC has crafted four pro-active OHV management prescriptions for managing this bird on public lands.


BRC activated and leads a National OHV Sage Grouse Task Force and has set up a dedicated Sage Grouse Action Fund.


BRC notes there is little to no information suggesting that motorized/mechanized access on designated routes is related to Grouse decline or habitat destruction, and there are no definitive studies to that effect cited anywhere in the database. Particularly considering the intense scrutiny and collective scientific energy expended on this species, BRC concludes that motorized/mechanized recreation in any of its forms does not have a significant impact on the Grouse.


BRC is concerned this process has the potential to greatly affect/impact all aspects of motorized/mechanized recreation, from traditional camping, hunting and fishing access to access for photography, bird watching, mountain biking, boating, cross country skiing and wilderness areas. Most of all, this proposal could have a serious negative impact on casual OHV use and permitted special events such as enduros, trials, hare-scrambles and dual sport rides. All forms and aspects of motorized recreation --off-highway/off road motorcycle, dual sport/adventure sport motorcycle, ATV, SBS, OSV, 4WD and even all street legal vehicles -- could be adversely yet unjustifiably impacted, should the agency plans craft a "one size fits all" decision.


At a hearing of the Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Council meeting recently in Carson City, Nevada, USFWS NV lead, Ted Koch, commended BRC for its specific pro-active OHV management prescriptions that embrace route/area designation, exhaust sound reduction, reasonable time restrictions during breeding season on permitted OHV events, and an invasive weed education program as the primary motorized mitigations for the sage grouse.


BRC predicts a long and difficult involvement in the Sage Grouse issue and feels that an Action Fund established now will help will provide the necessary means to protect our recreational access. Donate online here: http://www.BlueRibbonCoalition.Org/contribute. At the bottom of the page (in the box, "My contribution is for the...") you may select "Sage Grouse Action Fund."


For more information on the Sage Grouse issue, click HERE.

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