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August 15-16, 2014 Pioneer Trail Cycling Adventure

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A friend of mine is hosting a wonderful adventure for bicyclists. He started a facebook group for organizing everything here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pioneertrailmountainbikeadventure/


Looking for friends to come join me on an informal mountain bike excursion along the Pioneer Trails of central Wyoming, exploring the possibility of future organized bike event in the future. Dates for the ride are August 15 &16, 2014.

Experience a High Plains grand adventure full of history, folklore, wildlife, and natural beauty. Capture the spirit of those who risked everything to seek a better way of life in the west over 160 years ago. Ride their trail, visit important landmarks, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings as they saw it over 1 ½ centuries ago.

Day 1:

13 mile prolog. Tour Fort Laramie. Ride on the Oregon/Mormon Trail from Fort Laramie to Register Cliff and Trail Ruts State Park. View over 600 emigrant names and messages engraved into the rocks, and marvel at wagon ruts carved into solid stone over 5 ft. depth ! Our tour ends at Ayres Natural Bridge for picnic.

Day 2:

55 mile ride main event. Travel along the trail from Bessemer Bend to Martin’s Cove. Visit historical points of interests including Pony Express stations, Rock Avenue, Prospect Hill, Independence Rock, Devil’s Gate, and picnic at Martin’s Cove.

Roads paralleling the trail are well graded in most areas, with gentle slopes and inclines. Good for intermediate to experience riders. Easy access for most support vehicles.

Recommended fitness conditioning prior to ride: 40-60 miles per week for mountain bikers, 60-80 miles per week for road bikers.

Our base will center at Casper / Evansville area, where there’s plenty of accommodations and popular restaurants.

Picnics at Ayres Natural Bridge and Martin’s Cove will be pot luck side dishes. Bring your favorite meat to grill. Both facilities have open charcoal BBQ’s and picnic tables.

Happy Trails !

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