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A Basic Tablet Setup for GPS & More

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I went out wheeling so I didn't have a bunch of time to try different things, but I did give this one a shot:

"Autosleeper Auto power ON-OFF"

This was perfect. Start up my Jeep and the tablet comes on and when I turn off the key, it shuts off. Sometimes it resumes the last program I was running, but sometimes it goes to the home screen. I used Waze and Locus Map Pro for navigation, Torque Pro to see what the engine was up to and DoubeTwist for tunes.


I want to check out some other navigation apps for off road use. Maybe just looking over the operating instructions for what I have will help. So far though, I don't seem to understand it enough to be of much use.


The mount I'm trying out is the XENOMIX SHG-NX4000


I think the mount is fine for use on a paved road but offroad, it would be nice if it held more firmly.


Sorry for the thread hijack - I hope I didn't detour it too much.


Thank you again for helping get me started.






no problem and you didn't hijack, this thread was supposed to get people trying stuff!


glad to hear that the Autosleeper app worked well!



Locus is a really feature-rich nav app but i found the UI to be overly complicated and too "busy". You might try Backcountry Navigator or AlpineQuest instead. Backcountry navigator is pretty darn straightforward. AlpineQuest has more features but therefore a little more complex (still more usable than Locus, IMO) - this is the one i'm using and have gotten a few other members here familiar with.


for on-road maps & navigation without a network connection, you might check out Copilot. i'm not sure how their maps are for your area though (CoPilot Premium USA includes Canadian maps, just not sure how detailed). also the relatively new app " GPS Navigation & Maps" might be good for this, it uses OSM maps which are available world wide. i haven't had a chance to play with it much but it is affordable and seems to have a clean interface.


just keep in mind that for any topo map app (whether in Locus, BCN, AlpineQuest, etc.) you usually have to download/pre-cache the map data for an area you plan to visit ahead of time. they limit this to a small region at once, so you have to actually plan ahead. however, the on-road/nav apps like Copilot let you download an entire country's worth of map data in a relatively small size (~1GB) all at once and then you're good for anywhere you drive. Locus is the only app i know that has both abilities (lets you cache traditional raster topos and you can purchase vector road maps in it too).



the mount i did for Aimee is also not up to offroading really. the main "cradle" part is fine, but the arm/adjuster mechanism just has too much flex in it. i'm still working on re-doing it...

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this has given me some great ideas on how to use my tablet a lot more efectively thanks for the write up.

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