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teddyearp's 2014 AZ Road Trip~Apr 25-May 10

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The next day, Tuesday, May 6, I headed down to Tucson to visit that old friend. No pics to speak of there. Well, this is a cool one leaving Hawley:






And come to think of it, I did get a few between Show Low and Globe, mostly near the Salt River canyon (some call it the 'other grand canyon'). This is looking back north near the top of the Salt on US60/AZ77:






Man my pictures suck on this trip. Here's an almost decent one down in the Salt:






At the bottom, here's an old dilapidated shack. It used to say 'jail' on it or something and folks would go inside to get there pictures taken, but since the store down here closed years ago it is going far to the elements:






On the other side of the river looking back at the old and the modern bridge (too bad even the state rest area is closed and you cannot get much closer):






After topping out back on top of the canyon headed further south towards Globe, I stopped in Seneca. Seems like the last time I was through there, the store was open and these buildings were occupied, but not now:






The old store:






Upon further reflection, it has probably been at least 10 years or more since I took the highway from Show Low to Globe, hence all the changes. After getting to Globe and then heading south on AZ77 towards Tucson, this is the only half way decent picture I took, and it isn't any of that:




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The two days in Tucson were replete of pictures, but we did go to Tombstone; alas, since I've been there so many times before, this is the only picture I took:






With all the changes of plans I decided that Thursday, May 8 was 'time to hightail it fer home day'. And I did. No camping out, just highways, freeways, and motels. I didn't start taking any pictures until I was between Flagstaff and Page, but I've got a bunch of those as well. So I'll start here at "The Gap" where US89 has the detour on US89T (Navajo 20) to bypass the big slide. Heading up US89T from the gap:






It was a very welcome change of scenery since I've been up US89 between Flag and Page so many times:















Yup, to verify I'm also on Navajo 20:






The story is that US89 buckled and slid away up on the Vermillion cliffs south of Page, AZ around Feb 2013, so the best detour was on Navajo 20, but at the time most of it was unpaved. Well ADOT and the Navajos came to an agreement to go ahead and pave it and call it US89T in the meantime. It might be actually shorter and I hear that the semi's find it less curvy than the original US89. We'll see how it turns out.


Getting closer to Page, Lake Powell, and southern Utah, it's time to play with some camera settings:












The bridge at Lake Powell:






On the other side, a close up of some boats on the lake:






Took a quick side stop at one of the lookouts. Najavo mountain out there:






Entering Utah:






Past Kanab:






I spent the night at a place in Panguitch, UT. It was being fixed up really neat and for $50 I got more than my money's worth. However, I did not get a good money picture of the place as I left the next morning (Friday, May 9):






Got to have another old building:






And the contrasting effect:






And that is it for my pictures. I stopped in Salt Lake City for lunch, Mountain Home, ID for the night, and was home by Saturday, May 10.



Hope you enjoyed!

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They actually paved the old Navajo 20? I thought they just graded it. That would save my butt at the end of the month when we drive up to Page, my wife and I can take the gas sipper.

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GREAT road trip! Been most all of those places....Cool things to see!

Thanks for sharing!

smiles, ladybug

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Nice pictures and trip report - thanks for sharing it. We take some of that route through Nevada on the way to Lake Tahoe and back to run the Rubicon.

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