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Sydney 2014

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Sydney 2014


It was a short three and a half hour flight from Christchurch to Sydney.




We arrived around 5 pm on a Friday and there was Friday night traffic in the city costing us $130 for a taxi. The flight was too grueling for the Woodsons who retired to their room at the 1888 hotel. Russ and the Whites walked across the street and had dinner at the Darling Harbor mall. As a note, planning a trip is a difficult thing if you haven’t been to the place before. Twenty years ago we did visit Sydney and for that trip we used a travel agent. One of the few things I remembered about Sydney from that visit was the lack of places to eat close to the hotel. We made a trip back then to Darling Harbor and discovered the mall. So this time I made hotel reservations at the 1888 hotel, which was a newly converted warehouse near the mall. It was a short was walk through the parking lot, under the Ibis hotel where Russ was staying to the mall. But that route cannot easily be seen on Google Earth. It was simply luck. But it worked out well.


Most of the tourist areas of Sydney are comprised in the sector near the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Even from Darling Harbor it is a short walk to most of the locations you would like to visit. In the map below you may note the flag of the hotel near the center left, the Rocks near the Harbor Bridge and just to the right of the main harbor is where the Opera House is located.




Out near the coast is Bondi Beach, which is a world famous surfing place which we would visit later in the week which is shown in the lab below.




A close up map of the downtown section below shows the Rocks section near the bridge and the peninsula near the harbor is where the Opera House is located.



The Sydney Zoo, Taronga Zoological Zoo, is located on the north of the Harbor and is most often accessed via a short ferry ride from the harbor.




So now that we have our bearings I hope to begin the story of our visit. It was fall in the Southern Hemisphere and in Sydney that means rain. Of the four full days we had there I think it rained pretty much each of them. But if you got up early in the morning (that is before noon) it was possible to see the sun. In the afternoon it rained.


Saturday was a trip to the Rocks. The Rocks was the initial settlement region build into a rocky area around what is now the base of the Harbor Bridge. Now the area is dotted with interesting shops and restaurants. Like all older areas of a city it is congested and filled with older buildings in need of a wrecking ball. Fortunately the City of Sydney has made this area into a historic centre and so the charm of the section will remain. We did shopping most of the morning. I refused to purchase kangaroo testicle beer openers on general principals. You can also get a back scratcher made from the arm of a kangaroo. Aboriginal art, real Aboriginal art, is expensive as it is here in Arizona and the price seems uniform through out the country. A Didgeridoo costs about $300-$800. You can buy them on the web for $80. Anyway some pictures of Sydney.


Darling Harbor is home to most of the Australian navy.








The Sydney Harbor bridge (aka the coat hanger) and Opera House




Rhino art.




Inside the Opera House. They won’t let you take pictures if something is going on and there was.




The infamous purple carpet room.




Rain in the harbor.




Another rhino, this time at Bondi Beach.




Outside the Opera House with fisheye lens.




Bridge Climb and no we didn’t.




Downtown skyline from ferry terminal.




Saturday night fireworks at Darling Harbor.




Rhino near church.




Surf at Bondi Beach.




Tour near harbor viewpoint




Zoo animals







We didn’t rent a vehicle whilst in Sydney so some of this is a bit off topic for ORP. The weather was ok in the morning but not so good in the afternoon. A week later we watched the Royals on tv and later the Anzac day parade and both still had bad weather. A visit to Australia is not complete without a trip to Sydney. We only had four days but I think we saw most of what Sydney had to offer. We missed the Kings Cross area which is one of the more interesting places to visit. We only had four days.

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It's okay that no vehicles were involved - I'd say most of us are still interested in international travel. I thought your trip report and pictures were very nice. Thank you for posting them.

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Here are a few more pictures of Sydney:








My favorite picture of the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge:




A selfie:



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