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Sedona - Broken Arrow Trail

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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This is a late notice run but I wanted to try to get Sedona in at some point this summer and this weekend ended up being open for me. If you love rock crawling, this run is for you. Broken Arrow has man made obstacles at the beginning of the trail to keep street friendly rides out. A stock Wrangler will handle it with no problem. If you can make it over this, you can get through the trail easily. Broken Arrow has a feature called The Steps that some may not want to attempt and can be bypassed but you will need to separate from the group. I am posting the video of last year's run below. The Steps shot is at 7:25 in the video.

If you have not run Broken Arrow before, I encourage you to come along. This is a unique off road experience. There are many opportunities to stop, get out for short hikes and enjoy the stunning scenery along this trail. If you have run it, isn't it time to enjoy it again? This run will be a late start. I wanted to time it to see this beautiful trail in the late afternoon and for an opportunity to have dinner at The Oak Creek Brewery and Grill, which all are welcome to join me at after the run. If you wish you can head into downtown Sedona which is a nice place to walk around on a Saturday evening if you aren't in a hurry to get back home.

I have posted a video of this trail from a 4x4HAM run a few years ago, courtesy of N7IYT.



Meet up for Phoenix people.

The 4 Sons gas station, Carefree Highway and I-17

Time: 1pm


Meet up for Flagstaff people.

The end of Morgan Rd, Sedona (the air down spot). Paste this into Google Earth for the exact spot. 34.845393575, -111.756613625

Time: Approx 3pm


Simplex: 147.520

Repeater (South meetup only): Shaw Butte 147.24 +offset pl 162.2




Broken Arrow Trail (3pm)


Start Point - AZ 179, south of Sedona, 1.3 miles from intersection with AZ 89A. The end of Morgan Rd, Sedona (the air down spot). Paste this into Google Earth for the exact spot. 34.845393575, -111.756613625

Finish Point - Chicken Point

Total Mileage - 3.1 miles (round trip)

Unpaved Mileage - 2.6 miles

Driving Time - 2 hours

Elevation Range - 4,200 - 4,600 feet

Difficulty Rating - 7 (due to the at times slippery and always steep downhill grade called "the steps". Not for the timid but very fun to navigate.)

Scenic Rating - 9

Attractions: Challenging and scenic sand and slickrock trail. Submarine rock and numerous other prominent rock formations. Exceptional views from Chicken Point and all along the trail.


Hope to see you there.




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