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The Story of Knuckle Busters

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I shared this on Facebook as we have just surpassed our 2 year anniversary of business. Though some of you would like a little insight into how we came to be.


Back in 04 I started building Jeeps for friends in my driveway off and on wile raising my two kids as a single parent to help put food on the table for the growing kids. It also fueled a need of mine to project my creative side. Pushing a keyboard 10 hrs a night for the last 22 years really hasn't allowed that to happen career wise. Building Jeeps and cars has always been a great outlet for me. I constantly learned along the way.

By 2010 I had been through two partnerships in two different companies that didn't work out. I had learned how not to treat my customers, I learned how to build relationships with large scale wholesalers and manufacturers. I learned you can always have the best intentions, but without a good execution, you will not succeed.

in Aug, of 2012 my wife to be and I hit a road block of sorts. She had been laid off from her job. We had already purchased plane tickets to Hawaii for our up coming wedding, and had already made financial commitments and reservations for the event that November. We had been planing our wedding for nearly 2 years. Saving every penny we could, missing out on weekend camp outs, the latest and greatest electronic doodads, to be sure we made our wedding everything we ever wanted.. Without her working we surely would not make our wedding plans due to the sheer lack of money we still needed to come up with. We were sitting at the table discussing it after dinner one night. Bouncing Idea's off each other, working as the team that we are. running out of ideas and not having many options we nearly threw in the towel on our planned wedding event. as I carried my dinner plate to the sink I glanced into my Jeep filled back yard and a couple dimly light, light bulbs clicked on. Exhaustion will do that to a guy..


We had a plan..

Sell all of the parts, Jeeps I had for future projects (aka:Yard art) and see where it got us. With the help from two of my close friends Danny Torres and Jason D'Amico

We set out to clean house.. Literally. We started parting out every Jeep I had, selling every part I had in the garage, even started buying wrecked Jeeps to part out along the way. Soon so many people were coming by the house to buy our parts we were getting worried the authorities were going to shut us down. Our friend and consistent customer Vinny Tuccillo had mentioned a hobby type shop for rent in Gilbert. Within a weeks time we were moving into our new shop, picking out a company name and lining up jobs for custom builds, engine swaps, tube work, we almost couldn't keep up with our tiny 24x32 foot tin shed.. November came very quickly and we had amassed the financial goal in time to pay for all of our expenses for the wedding. phew... what a relief.. I couldn't believe we did it..


Post wedding,

Jan 1 2013 Knuckle-Busters was filed as our legal business name. This was a huge step, we were a legal company! We had achieved what we had set out to accomplish, we made it happen.. By February I was no longer worried about making rent to our tiny shop, we were buying on average 6 jeeps a month that were wrecked to part out. We were really starting to prime, When we got notice from the land lords that we had to leave the property..... it was twards the end of May already and we needed to either shut it down and walk away or grow..

Being one who rarely quits at anything.. Growth was the gamble and in a matter of a few days, the gamble was made on a 2200 sq foot shop Knuckle Busters currently calls home. With the help of many of our close family friends we began the odd move from our tiny little shop back to the house for a few days time. We had to wait till the 1st to get the key's to the new shop. We made so many truck and trailer loads that weekend I lost count. Still to this day I can't believe we made that many trips..

Wish some help from a close friend that believed in what we were doing we were able to secure the new space and get back to business ! Andrew Zaunmiller We wouldn't be where we are without your help brother. Thank you.


Within a matter of 6 months we had built a large inventory of used parts, several large builds and started adding staff, As winter came on Scott Volk joined the crew and really helped the business grow, I look forward to what the future holds for Knuckle Busters and I just wanted to take some time to reflect and thank all of those who have been a huge part in the success of the business. Thank you.


With the help from friends like, Chris Jannasch

Bruce Farthing, Justin Fletcher, Richard Schmier, Ed Na and Pauly

and the loving support of my beautiful wife Jenae O'Boyle. I've been able to make a life long dream of mine come true.


Have a mission, strive to achieve a goal, stick to your guns and remain committed to the end goal.

I have literally spent the last 3 years making this happen, working nonstop until pure exhaustion.. I don't regret one bit of it..


Thank you all for your love and support, it means so much to me.


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Great story Dave, you have true grit! :flag::good:


G :cool:

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