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Hunter's 16th Annual BBQ

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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From John Hunter:


The Sweet 16th Annual BBQ, and it goes down on Saturday, Dec 6th, starting at 3 PM. 16 years... seriously? Where did it all go....


For a lot of you, you know the drill and what goes down at Hunter's BBQ. For those that are new to the scene, or, of the select group that cant remember from last year, or years before...


This originally was started as a way for the group to get together as club, in one place to meet face to face. Get ideas, tell stories, check out and show off jeeps and projects, and most important, hang out and make new friends. Read through for all the info.


Here is the short scoop.


When: Saturday, Dec. 6th 3:00 PM - till we close it down. (Usually about 7-8)

Where: Hunter Offroad

625 S Smith

Tempe, Arizona, 85281


Here's the gist. Everyone brings a little bit of food, and there is plenty for everyone. One huge pot luck. Bring a pack of burgers, a pack of hot dogs or soda. Bring a side dish, bean dip or ketchup, etc.


Got a BBQ grill? Bring it and be a hero. Grills are always needed. Bring some cash for raffle tickets. I am going to try and spring for long sleeve shirt T-shirts this year and try and get a some vendors there as well. Bring some chairs to sit in, an a table to on if ya got it. Oh, don't forget the camera. Check below for all the info.


This year will most likely we will have some good groups raising for charity. I will be "Stuffing the Buggy again this year for the a Toy Drive for the Sheriff's Office


For starters, here's the basics and how-to rules for the BBQ, for all of you rookies coming for your first time; or for those of you, cant remember the last one ..


If there are changes, they will be added here. Watch the "update" date to see if anything has been added. Notes will be added. (Such as more tables or if I need more BBQ grills, because you can never really have enough tables and BBQs)


1) First Rule,

And most important. Food. Everyone brings a little. Biggest tailgate, or flat fender pot-luck party. Everyone will have a lot. Bring a side dish, bring a few bottles of ketchup, plates, drinks what ever. If you can, post what you are bring here so some folks can get an idea what you are bringing. One thing I ask.... If you buy meat, try and buy matching buns, helps cut down on being too lopsided. Bring a cooler with ice and have a friend bring sodas or water. You get the idea.


2) The W's of the BBQ


Where: Hunter Offroad Parking lot

625 S Smith Suite 1

Tempe Arizona 85281


When 3:00 PM Saturday, Dec. 6th. It will kick-off at 3 O'clock Parking lot usually fills up pretty early. If you want to get in the parking lot and have a good spot, come early. Parking lot will be open by 12:00 if you are bring a trailer, please park it down the street to save room for the rigs who cant get into the parking lot


Why its done: Goes back to the roots of the very first one... Allows everyone a chance to meet other Jeeper's and other 4wheeler's and swap ideas, check out other rides and get ideas, make friends and have a good time. Most fun you will have with your 4x4 in parking lot. There are a lot of new faces this year and should be plenty of new people from other clubs. So feel free to spread the word.


3) RTI Ramp,

It will be good times as usual on the Ramp. Show everyone what you got. See if you improved over last year. Or just have fun and flex out for the camera. A rule to remember:


No Rolling Off The Ramp on purpose..... well, at least give a warning if you are going to show us your skids plates and drive shafts. And in case you "might roll over" make sure your junk is secured. We will laugh at you when your tools and cans fall everywhere


4) The Infamous "Screw 'Em Raffle


I know last year I had some local business really kick in for the raffle. I am always looking for things to donate, 4x4 related or not. If anyone here has a local business, regardless if its 4x4 related or now, contact me if you would like to promote.


The Raffle Overview. 1 Dollar a Ticket. 12 for 10 bucks.


*If you wear a Hunter Offroad T-shirt, you also get a free raffle ticket.


*If you deck out your ride in Christmas decoration, you will also get free ticket for that.


Also, if you want to bring can food items, I will make sure they get to St Mary's..


5) Personal Beverages at the BBQ?


Only thing I ask, remember, it is a family event, so take care and mind your self. It is private property so you can enjoy. If you like to bring some cold ones and talk shop with your buddies, go ahead and play nice and be prepared to share with the host. And my standing rule goes, I may or may not tell you what is my soda...


6) Selling stuff Swap meet ideas.


Usually folks will want to bring stuff and try and sell or swap stuff. I have no problem.. Thats what this is all about. Got some old shocks or Jeep parts, bring and put them on display. Old winch you wanna sell? Stick out there.


Only rule, don't bring so much stuff, that is takes up room in the parking lot for people to park. If you have something bigger, leave it on the street. I want to save room for folks to setup their chairs, and allow as much room for people to park as possible in the lot. Usually a Jeep in a place will still have some room in front, behind or besides to display stuff. That's fine.


7) Kitchen Help

I need BBQ's. And Ill say it again, Im gonna need some BBQs. And tables for the food... always do. More the better. From the past, 5 normal size grills can cook all we need in the time to feed everyone. Be a hero and bring a grill. We are always looking for volunteers to help. Also, anyone want to run the kitchen area? I have found it does help to have a little direction. If You wantto bring a BBQ, please send me a message


Also if anyone wants to donate to the raffle, Please contact me. In year's past we have had gift certificates for a restaurant other club members bought, to a free therapy massage by a another club member's private business, gift cards, or even the classic re-gift.


Email: hunteroffroad@aol.com or call 480-557-7577


Do not to forget to bring Tables and chairs to sit on too for you and for others. Also, I will need BIG tables for Kitchen Area. Contact me if you have some. Will need at least 4 to 5 3x8 tables.


That should cover the bulk of it. This post will be the one I update so check it for the news.


Best Regards,

John "Hunter"







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