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Secret Lake - Nov 2014 Trip Report

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November 30 - Secret Lake Trail Scout Trip


ALL rigs are welcome to attend future events. I will post them on the forum when a date has been selected. See you on the trail


This was a low key meet to scout a secret lake bed. Four raptors and one F350 head over the Sierras for a day in the dirt, kind of. Trip reports as follows.


Left Sacramento at 6:00am and headed to meet up with the group over in Nevada. Was very lonely drive over the summit but got a few great images.






Found the bulk of the group just outside of Truckee. I was actually ahead of them and had to slow down so they could catch me. Pulled over and jumped in line to caravan to the fuel meet up stop.






Arrived at the fuel stop where we picked up the last member of the group. After a quick food stop we set off to hit the trail to the lake. It was about a 30 minute drive to get to the start of the actual dirt section of the trip.






After the last short hop over pavement we arrive at the start of the dirt trail. The trail was not the goal of the trip but still was fun to go flying across the desert. A note on the actual trail is it is short. Probably only 40 miles long of actual dirt and the rest is paved. (note on the paved later in the report)








On the trail there is very little drama. Other than a few cattle grates, one really good jump and two G outs, it is flat and fast as you will see in the video below. As the goal of this trip was the lake we did not explore any other trails which we have mapped for the next trip out there.




About 30 or so minutes later after starting the trail we reached the trail to the lake cut over. This was a slow trail over to the lake but once you got to the end there it was.




Once the group was on the lake myself and another member attempted to GPS map the perimeter and center of the lake. After a little futsing around we were able to find the middle where the group parked in the handy donut the Disco Raptor made for us LOL.








One of the group had been wanting to ghost ride his truck and this was the best place to do it. There was nothing in site for miles so he put his F350 into granny gear and off his truck went. Here was his pitiful attempt to stop it.




After mapping the lake bed we headed over to an area that was safe to setup a firing range. Spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and shooting.




Left the lake around 2:00pm and explored a different way out. This way had less dirt but if you wanted on road speed you will find your limiter. Going this way we also saw a cool fog effect with the fog coming over a mountain.








Hit the freeway and then made the trek back home losing the group in Reno.




After making it over the pass and fighting some strong rain bands made it home exactly at 6:00pm.




Video of the trip


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