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it aint a TJ. but i kinda like it!

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Been a long time trying to post photos on this thing. Well got my tires and spacers on. For some reason, my mechanic talked me into getting a super chips flashpaq to help fix my issue of having the larger tires? It was causing my jeep to move sluggish at high rpms? Limp mode almost. We couldn't figure out why when I had a 2004 Laredo 4.7 4in lift and same tires I never needed one. This one, 2000 Limited 4.7 and I needed a calibrator? Regardless it was a good excuse to get a super chips. Managed to get it tuned and now it's broken. Customer service is a joke with these guys. I be emailed. And called 5xs all of which were 30min waits all without speaking to anyone. Well enough of that rant,


Still need to open up the wheel wells a bit.


Again trying to come up with way to mount a rtt. I'm thinking I can use the one rails from my last Jeep to have 4 cross rails to mount a tent and have it sitting low to the body and not sticking up too high if I used a roof rack.


Thinking of going with the hk offroad tire carrier so I can use the spare tire carrier spot for tools and whatnot.


And I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing but working for 4-Wheel parts, I can get complete axles for cheep Now I'm thinking I need 44s front and rear geared and arbs in'em since I'm not planning on going no more them 35s on this.


The company has nothing for suspension for was but everything else is super cheep. I just have figure out what I need...


I literally thought I'd leave this thing alone Andover crazy on a zj but I just can't seem to let my wife have this???


I literally have tried to get away from jeeps... and... 5jeeps later I still haven't learned #6 is either gonna be a Cherokee truck (Comanche? Can't remember) an xj, or a zj cause I'm still hooked on v8s????

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Wow. Wasn’t sure if I could still log on. Shocking....


Hello all been a little while...


Last time I was on here I had a 2000 Limited wj and was in the process of building it back up in hopes of being better then my last wj... one thing lead to another and had to cut my losses. Not just easy fixes but major leave me stranded on the side of the highway hours from home multiple times to finally the transmission taking a dump on me. Having friends that are mechanics did not help my millions of reasons of staying in a jeep... initially ignored them and was saving up waiting for the JL and poof! I’m sitting in a 19 Toyota 4Runner trd premium in dark gray and absorbing how nice it is for the next few days until I drop it off very soon for a complete makeover... getting fuel zephyr d632, Nitto ridge grapplers, icon stage 2, warn bumper with warn vr 10s, victory offroad full roofrack, RSG flat sliders with top plates, trying out the rear window molle panel from Orange Boxx fab. Lastly super dark window tint. Still need a rear bumper, RTT, ladder, full skids for underneath, maybe a rear locking cargo box and fridge.


All I wanted was a window tint! I swear... seems the Jeep acronym still in my blood.

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Dude! Sounds awesome! I hope you can post some pics! P.S. Long time no see!

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