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Adventure-Overland: Transafrica - Panamericana and next?

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just catching up with your thread here... very awesome photos - seems like you are having a great time!


+1 for the "proper footwear", that's how i roll too ;)

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Guess the crossing guards were cold and hungry when you went through! Nice trip report!

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At the next day I found a beautiful dirttrack. After 10 miles i did meet a Police car - which I did query about my Route-plan. "You can try" - thats sounds again like a challenge. So I did follow the track.






Looks I should start to navigate not only with the offline satellite Images on my IPad. I have too offline track & terrainmaps which Shows sometimes a bit more about the route...




Also with near 300 hp I did miss some power after leaving 3500m height in the andes. These steep hills are easyer to climb with Speed, but I had to use 4lo - and sometimes i had to go back and to try another path - also with 2 difflocks & muddies.


Since hours i didnt see a house or Person - an absolutely beautiful area and track!!






Beautiful Colors who you can also see in Iceland.




From the geysers I would have expected a little more, the Hotpod facilities seemed a little unkempt - and the water was for me wimps definitely too cold. So off to the mountains - the track will ultimately lead somewhere.


At a junction, I chose the way further into the mountains - but after another 20km, I discovered that the other track lead deep into a valley - what attracted me magically. So let's turn around and return.


During a short Navigation break some offroaders did meet up. The Offroad Club from Calama. We had a nice Chat, but they told me that my track will have a dead end, and it will be hard to climb up again under this conditions as a single car.




To drive back the same route - Sound great to me - it was such a great ride!


More you will find at the blog as usual: Adventure-Overland



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wow, pretty brave to be out exploring such remote areas alone - on a foreign continent no less!

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Last night I realized that Surfy hasn't posted in a really long time, and I guess I didn't understand that the journey was finished. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us Surfy, it was really fun.

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I never did finish the trip description in english - time during corona to complete!



I had lost a lot of time, had to be in 4 days in La Paz where my GF will arrive. And I had to head back - many miles more in front of me.


Had a lot of fun while pushing over dirttracks - having fun has mostly their own cost....








After 4 hours having a lot of fun, with pushing with speed over dirt - something broke: My engine hood get hood hangs crooked.


Later I recognize that that Part is broken:  Toyota Parts 53420-60050 Hood Hinge Assembly


How easy will the replacement be in Bolivia? Hopefully I`m able to follow my plans with tight timeframe.... I got it welded at a small mechanic at the road side - and did drive again with a bit less speed in direction of bolivia.


Blogpost of the day in German with more pictures:  PPP und die Panamericana

With doing more harder offroad stuff - and with speeding in dirt my repair bill starts to get more expensive:


These Parts wasnt available in Salta and my german mechanic has listed the repair parts till today - and my GF will try to bring them from Switzerland, if the parts will arrive quick enough.


53420-60050        Hood Hinge Assembly                43,24€

88710-6B580        Tube Assy, Air Conditioner         340,91€

88460-60400        CONDENSER ASSY                 499,15€


That is was can happen - if you have fun during offroad driving.

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