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Arivaca Adventure

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We went out a few weekends ago to find some treasure, but we got ambushed by three Russian tanks!









We fought them off and decided to take the booty home :-)







But, alas they exceeded my Jeep's towing capacity and we left them right where we found them. Who knows, you may also do battle with them during your own adventure in the Arizona desert!



After defeating the tanks, we looked for the buried silver that John Poston (brother of the "father of Arizona) was murdered for.




We never found it (or at least that's what I'm telling everyone) and we went to look for more riches in the Good Enough Mine.







The Good Enough Mine is an abandoned gold mine, but we only found bats, dirt, rocks and some very dangerous old wooden chutes, so we went to the Las Guijas ghost town and mill site.









All we found at the town site were the remains of a mill, some building foundations, a beach and lunch. Still not any richer we went old school and found a really old mill site and arrastra.









There we found riches beyond our wildest dreams - Arizona beauty with good friends to help enjoy it!



Here's a link to this adventure (includes some history, maps, GPS coordinates, videos, and 3 photo galleries) if you choose to have one yourself: http://experience-az.com/adventures/4wd/arivacaadventure/arivacaadventure.html



I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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