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POSTPONED: ARA Trackers - Workshop #11

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


Note that only the first post from the original thread is shown. Click here for the full thread...




See the following thread for more info: http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php...enance-Project


Join your fellow 4x4 Hams on Sunday afternoon to perform maintenance on the 10 ARA trackers. Bring tools and test equipment if you have it, but I should have everything we need to get these running.


POSTPONED: Sunday, March 22nd at Virgil's house (PM me for address)

2pm until the bacon runs out. (Probably 5-6pm.)


On the to do list for this workshop:

  • I'm purchasing new connectors for the 5 yellow trackers. We'll need to disassemble and replace 3 connectors on each tracker.
  • Install bacon.




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