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A Spark Arrestor/Muffler issue

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A recent addition to the vehicle family here, came with a bit of an issue with undesirable ventilation apertures, which were quite unstable, and were practically self-enlarging… Obviously in need of some sort of help (or perhaps better yet transported to the nearest recycle bin… :P)…



However, being basically cheap (suitable replacements were in the $200 range… which when coupled with what I had wasted… Er… Paid for the jewel now sitting in my garage, was quickly becoming not quite the Jewel and bargain I had hoped for… :P). Besides, as I am one who tends to like a challenge, so I located a short section of exhaust tubing @ the local autoparts store for a few bucks, and after carefully cutting and fitting it (carefully, because the base material was falling away at the slightest touch, as you can see in this next pic)…


Back side repair panel tacked in place… (and I might add that it is about all that is holding the aft end of the assembly in place… :P)



Completed repairs… In need of an application of hi-temp paint, and a new gasket to seal to the head, re-install the shielding which was hiding the undesireable aperatures, and it should be fine… ;)


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Nice work. Do you have a picture of the whole bike?

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Nice work. Do you have a picture of the whole bike?

Not yet Jim. :o Seems that I also forgot to take any pics of it in the "as bought" condition, but am making headway and am just about finished with the repairs to the wiring harness, polishing of the old dead paint, paint repairs to the area which was acid damaged by a leaking battery, repairs/replacements of several panels & brackets which had been bent/broken/scraped/lost, etc. due it being a 1979 vintage and having been dropped a few times, etc., etc. :P


When I finish it, I'll try to get a couple pics… ;)

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A while back, I located and purchased a '79 Honda CT-90 (AKA "Trail 90"), to compliment the 5th wheel travel trailer and give us some means of exploring some of the areas we hope to be traveling to.


The first item up for repairs was getting it running. It would run, but it barely ran for mor than a few seconds smoothly before going VERY rich and sputtering. I discovered the float int he carb was cracked and filled with fuel. I temporarily patched it with epoxy, and it then ran MUCH better…


With that taken care of, I was then willing to tackle the rest of the repairs, and began with ordering a BUNCH of parts, and the aforementioned exhaust repairs.


Once parts began to show up, I repaired or replaced the following:

- Replaced carburator, which had a cracked float. I replaced the whole carb, as the float was $20 more expensive than a replacement carb. :confused:

- Replaced the missing clutch adjustment cover. (It's the black rubber circular piece on the Rt side engine cover)

- Ordered and installed the missing OEM air cleaner assy. It came to me with one of those cheapie slip-on gauze filters, which are about as useless at stopping grit as a pair of nylon stockings. :rolleyes:

- Cleaned/de-rusted the fuel tank, then repaired it with fuel tank liner. In the process of doing this, the acid used to etch the inside of the tank was accidently spilled on the paint, so I ended up repainting the tank as well… :P

- Ditto for the Aux tank. However, I was fortunate enough to not damage the paint on it… :P

- Replaced the combination helmet lock and aux fuel tank latch assy. Original had been hacksawed off. Suspect the key was lost.

- Replaced the missing rubber isolators for the Aux. tank mounting.

- Replaced both the Aux and main fuel tank caps, as both were missing the seals, and the interior side of them were rusty.

- Cleaned and lubricated the front brake cable, which was frozen due to light rust and mostly a simple lack of lube.

- Purchased and installed the missing battery bracketry, and battery housing cover. (Battery cover was missing. This is the red cover on the right side with the black knob at upper center, and the battery was held in by a piece of baling wire):eek:

- Cleaned up a bunch of "shade-tree" wiring that had been done over the years. :rolleyes:

- Repair welded the cracks in the rear turn signal/lisc plate bracketry.

- Straightened the rear fender, where it had been caved in by the lisc plate bracket.

- Replaced the broken kill switch assembly.

- Ordered the missing tool kit, and owners manual.

- Repaired or replaced all 4 turn signal lenses and bulbs. Not sure why, but all the turn signal bulbs were gone… :confused:

- Replaced the cracked taillamp lens, seal and missing taillamp.

- Replaced the missing reflectors on the front forks.

- Replaced the headlamp assembly with one which has replaceable ($5 each) bulbs. The originals were sealed beams, which cost between $60 - $90 each (if you can locate any).

- Removed and repaired the speedo assembly, whose seal was dried out and leaking, causing the internals to be gummed up with ???

- Replaced all indicator lights were either missing or burned out.

- Replaced the broken frame tube cover (the big plastic piece that goes from just forward of the tank/seat assy, up to the steering head).

- Replaced the chain master link (clip was missing on the master link), then cleaned and lubed the chain.

- Replaced broken/missing mirrors

- Replaced a host of missing/incorrect fasteners… (Some pieces were held on with tape, bailing wire, or SAE fasteners of the wrong size, etc…) :rolleyes:

- Buffed & polished the old paint, and spot-repaired where necessary.


At any rate, I finally got most of the parts needed to complete the repairs to the new family addition… Still awaiting a couple small pieces, such as the air cleaner housing decal set, a special bolt to finish mounting the frame cover, and the seat cover should be replaced as it has a few small tears which are patched with tape, but for now it's done enough to begin the process of fabricating the bracketry to mount it on the 5th wheel. ;)


Here's how it stands as of this moment… It now purrs like a kitten, and is a hoot to ride… :D




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