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Wanted: Short Jeep Videos

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I am producing a series of web-based short videos on the idiosyncrasies of Jeep owners called, It’s a Jeep Thing, and I need some help. I am looking for short (2 – 4 second) videos of Jeeps and their owners doing crazy, fun, silly, exciting, beautiful and relaxing things – any short video that shows all the different aspects of a Jeep owner’s life. Some possible ideas are:

- Jeeps going over crazy obstacles

- Jeeps going through water

- Jeeps failing at something

- Relaxing by the fire at night at your campsite (hopefully with a Jeep in the background)

- Working on your Jeep (in the garage or on the trail)

- Pulling dinner from your Jeep engine’s oven

- Friends relaxing at a beautiful place by their Jeep

If I get some good videos, the plan is to use the clips for the intro/start for each episode of the series. Unfortunately, I can’t pay anyone for their video (I am not making any money on these), but they will given credit for their use and you may get your 2 seconds of fame :-). I will also need you to sign a release and authorization form for me to use the video.

Please send me your videos at: mmtucson123@gmail.com

Thanks and I look forward to seeing your videos!


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