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The Silver Beast

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Looking good!

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Hey Guys been a long while. life hasnt been easy since getting out of the military. But enough on that lol 


The Silver Beast has been renamed offically as Damsel. As in Damsel in Distress. Because shes always in distress, whether it be breaking or drop coils. But ive fixed alot of those issues. Since the last you guys saw it ALOT has been added. 


So Damsel is sitting on a 6.5" iro lift. Long arms front, Tier 2 core 4X4 short arms with iro upper a arm rear. 

Jeep is sitting on 37x12.50x15s with 15x8 steelies 

Have Glissade rock sliders from HK offroad now. 

I found a smoking deal on axles about 2 months after the pandemic started and drove to Vancouver WA (from southern california which is where im living now) to get them. 

the front is a Dana 30 thats been sleeved, gusseted, trussed, lower control arm bracket reinforcement and ARB 30 spline locker with Chromo shafts. 

Rear is the Dana 44A thats trussed and skidded  with ARB locker 

4.56 gears in both 

added the Dual ARB compressor under the hood as well, and added the MORFLATE kit to my arsenal as well


heres a pic of the beast now. This was on Doran Loop in Calico CA last weekend the 12th of December


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