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Offroad Passport

Member Appreciation Month - Awesome Prizes! - Upgrade or Renew in August 2015 To Be Entered To Win!

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August is...


Offroad Passport Member Appreciation Month!




Upgrade to Premium Club or renew your existing Premium Club Membership anytime in August, 2015 to be entered to win! Drawings will be held at the Annual Cinders Event Sept. 18 - 20, 2015. You DO NOT need to be there to win.


This year's Prizes


  • KevinsOffroad $100 Gift Certificate & Offroad Passport T-Shirt

  • Poison Spyder $50 Gift Certificate & Offroad Passport T-Shirt
  • Ironrock Offroad $50 Gift Certificate & Offroad Passport T-Shirt





"Great! I already upgraded this year! How do I get in on this?!?" Hey, we hear you! If you've already upgraded to Premium Club during 2015, you can re-upgrade in August, and we'll refund 50% of your previous upgrade. It's easy! Just go ahead and purchase a new upgrade before August 31st, then email a refund request to info@offroadpassport.com. Be sure to include your forum username and Paypal email address (or mailing address if you'd like your refund via check).


How to Upgrade or Renew:

• Log In (or
and then login if you are a new member)
• Choose Premium Club Membership options (1-year or save 10% with Yearly Auto-Renew), and click the "Order" button.
• You'll be taken to PayPal, but
you do NOT need to have a PayPal account
to complete the purchase. From there you can pay with Credit Card OR a PayPal account.

Your 1st Year Premium Club Membership includes 2 ORP Decals which you will receive in the mail!


Why Become A Member?




The Premium membership option gets you the best forum features AND access to exclusive staff-led trips & events such as:


• our recent overnight trip to
• the exciting multi-night
• our upcoming adventure to
• and many other great multi-day adventures and fun local day runs!


We'll be announcing 2016 events in the coming week!


For complete details on the advantages of Premium membership, please see the registration page here...


How About Something Free For Everyone...




To help spread the word about Offroad Passport, you can get a FREE DECAL during August (a $3 value)!


Just ask us in person at an event, or mail a self-addressed stamped envelope (at least 4.75") to the address above. We’ll mail you 1 Offroad Passport round decal, free! Throw in a buck and we’ll send you 2 decals (a $5 value)! Limit one request per household please.

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Entered in the Member Appreciation Drawings:
























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Guess what?


We've just updated the calendar and Trips & Events page with a ton of great trips for 2016!


As usual we'll be hitting trails of every kind - from graded roads all the way up to "difficult" (a trail named "Smasher" you say?). Plenty of day runs will be posted throughout the year as well, but these are the major staff-led overnight type runs that folks need time to plan for.


See something you like but it's for Premium Members only? Well, Member Appreciation Month is the best time to join the club! Just see the "How to Upgrade or Renew" section in the first post of this thread to get yourself setup with a Premium Club membership!


If you've been thinking about a different destination please consider leading a trip! Just post a thread in the Trip Planning/Sign-up forum, or PM us if you have questions and/or need help getting started. FYI - you can post in the Premium Club Members Trips forum instead if you want to limit your run to a smaller group of "regulars".


We really look forward to seeing familiar faces and hopefully a bunch of new ones too!

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Bump! The odds are favorable for you to win one of 3 fabulous prizes! If you've even remotely been considering joining the Offroad Passport Premium Club, now is the time to do it! Besides the chance to win a prize, we've got some amazing trips coming up fast!

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Please add me to the list. Thanks.

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Please add me to the list. Thanks.



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Please add me to list as well. Thanks!

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What did I win? Where can u pick it up. :)

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Tomorrow is the last day to get in on this year's Member Appreciation Month Drawings! If you were already thinking about joining anyway, now is the time!

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