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Saying GoodBye to the SeS Minnow

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The day after Xmas 2000, I picked up the SeS Minnow in Perrysburg, Ohio, and towed it out here through a multitude of snow storms, taking me nearly 6 days to get from there to here. :eek::eek::eek: (Might have something to do with the fact I was towing with a 2WD truck, and hit some MAJOR ice AND snow storms...):P.


Spent a BUNCH of time and $$'s on getting it the way I wanted it, but in the end after rretirement, decided an open fisherman style was not gonna suit my week-plus long camping/fishing/boating trips to Powell & San Diego. SO... decided to part with it...:cool: The nearly new twin 4-stroke outboards were sold last year, and the hull/trailer finally sold a week or so ago... It's come full circle and is headed home to Ohio...:P


Planning on leaving @ O-Dark-Thirty in the morning, towing it to Moab where I will turn it over to new owner and his son, who are coming out to play @ EJS with thier Jeep YJ, then tow this boat home with them... Hope to be fishing on the Minnow again in June, as he has plans to have it ready for a fishing tourney we are entered in near P-Cola in June...:P


Final night in AZ for the Minnow...




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