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ZMagic97's 2005 Silverado "Work Truck"

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Hey all,


Some of you may have seen my other build thread on my 2006 GMC Sierra. While that truck is my primary expo vehicle, I thought'd I'd compile some info on my daily driver which is being made into more of a multi-use vehicle.


Here's a photo of when I bought it back in April of 2013. I was pretty excited at the time as it was my first "big vehicle purchase" and I paid cash. I was $7400 with just under $83,000 miles.



It's a basic truck, but that's what I wanted and I'm very happy with it.

Some specs:

It's a work truck model. So, it came with...

-Rubber floors.

-Painted bed. No liner or anything.

-Manual door locks

-Manual, crank windows.

-Bench seat with fixed center jump seat. No fold down console. No moving back and forth.

-4.3L V6. All stock minus a K&N drop in filter I added.

-4L60E 4 speed auto transmission

-GREAT A/C. Freezes me out even when it's close to 120F outside during the Arizona summers.

-Auto headlights. I like that a lot.


The first thing I did was put tires on it. They were not matching (iron since I bought it from a tire shop owner...) so I wanted brand new ones. I drive this truck 75 miles a day on average. I wrapped the GMT900 style rims in BRGoodrich Long Trail T/As sized 265/70R17. Also, I found out for some odd reason there were spacers on the truck. I removed them.

532235_3548173939197_896299073_n_zpsozuzkmnt.jpgThose lasted until I had a side wall puncture from a nail and some rear wear. I was going to San Diego the next week, so I got General Grabbers in the same size.


Only a few weeks after getting it I found a Roll N Lock bed cover on Craigslist for ~$250. It seemed like a great price, so I grabbed it.



My windows were not tinted then, but a buddy of mine did it for me and I liked the privacy of the lack of sun coming in. Tint looks exactly the same even today.


About 7 months after I got the Roll N Lock my girlfriend at the time and I went to Flagstaff for a wedding. While coming home it poured the whole way. Not wanting the luggage to get wet (the Roll N Lock wasn't water tight at all) I had to stuff us and the luggage in the single cab. I wasn't as comfortable as I would like, so I sold the Roll N Lock for a profit after getting a Gaylord's tonneau cover. It was awesome looking and at a great price since the hardware needed some work.



About a year after that I needed more room. I sold the tonneau and left it as an on bed until I found a camper shell I wanted. I came across a nice Leer on the other side of Phoenix about a year ago and grabbed it. I still have it today.



Around New Years of 2015 I decided I wanted the clean up the back of the truck. I found out about Bedrug. I got one on Amazon and installed it with great results.





In the spring of this year, I took out the rubber floors and put in carpet with Loyd's custom floor mats. Looks better and makes for a quieter ride.



Up until August I didn't do anything. However, one day while messing around on Craigslist I randomly stumbled upon an ad for a modular storage and sleeping system made by A.R.E. I was able to snag it for $160. I couldn't say no to that.



Kid approved too!



A couple weeks later I started thinking of my next tires and the Grabbers were getting a little low. I found these era-correct stock rims I liked for $250. I snagged them.



Next mod came Friday morning. I came out at 4:30AM to leave for work. I had a flat, so I took the GMC. On lunch break I called Discount Tire and made an appointment to drop off the "new" rims. I ended up getting some Hankook Dynapros. Again, 265/70/R17s.



Old on the left, new on the right.



On the truck:



Photos from yesterday:








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Well, a little has been going on with the work horse.


First up, She finally hit the 150,000 mile mark this last week. I was really happy to see that.





Next up, just before the 150,000 mile mark, this little gem started popping up, along with the "Passenger Airbag" light on the rear view mirror not coming on. And, the red "airbag" light too...



Come to find out after about 4 different days of looking, a black wire had come undone under the seat: I didn't see it at first since the black carpeting made it difficult to see. I ended up fixing it quickly today with a wire splice.



And all fixed! That issue was driving me nuts for almost 2 weeks.


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awesome looking truck. nice work. any updates about it?


Not much. I did install an old HAM radio I had in the garage laying around to a spot under the dash. I'll get some photos up soon.

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Well over the past few months not much has happened. I gave it a good cleaning a week ago:










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what kinda ham did you install?

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After it was all cleaned up, I also took a photo of the headliner by the windshield.



It has been coming away from the board and began coming down like a curtain. It has been doing this in a minor way for about a year, but the other morning when I was leaving work the whole front was pulled away. I finally needed to do something about it.


So, yesterday night while I was off I decided to take out the headliner. It was a little tricky but not too bad.



Easier to see here where it has been an issue:



Seems like the interior is much taller without it in:



Oh, I got a steering wheel cover too...



Old headliner out as it was:



New material, draped over to ensure there is enough:



In the garage for tear-down:



Cloth removed, foam left over:



Removed the foam with a flapper wheel by hand, and got the thinner, left over areas with a foam sand paper block:



The leftover mess:



And how the interior shall sit for a week until my next day off:



Also a sneak peek at some goodies I got in the mail this afternoon:


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what kinda ham did you install?


It's an Azden PCS-7000H. Not a fancy unit, but I got 2 off CL a couple years ago for ~$80. I still need the license, so for now I just use it to listen in and learn some stuff when tech talk is going on.

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Brown Santa (UPS) came today!



So, my truck was looking like so this morning:



And my glove box was becoming pretty cluttered...



So I decided to take out the not so function jump seat:



Though it was in stellar shape, it does not fold down like the other models. I really wanted some more storage space...


So I got a new jump seat!



I love that it can fold down. Also perfect heigh to lay your arm on and just hold the wheel steady for long drives:



Lot's of storage space up top:



And below!:



Actually, my DSLR fits underneath comfortably.


And the glove box is clean again!



The seat is from a 2007(NBS)-2014 LTZ option vehicle. It is a DIRECT bolt in. No drilling, no odd fit. Direct. The seat is a little wider so you kind of have to "push" the seats inwards to make getting the bolts into the floor an easy task.


Overall this was a great upgrade and well worth the time and money. I got the seat shipped from eBay for $325 and the swap only took 30 mins of work. I spent maybe another 20 minutes cleaning and organizing.


With the under seat storage option, it's a stiff cushion. However, I will only need it for one of the kids on a rare occasion for only a few miles in town.


Though the color isn't a total match, I think it will grow on me. Perhaps the black color would have been better, but I can't complain.

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Looks like a great addition! More storage is always a good thing

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