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ZMagic97's 2005 Silverado "Work Truck"

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Looks like a great addition! More storage is always a good thing


Thanks! :)

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you got a lot of photos on your new update. nice work you've done on your ride. keep it up! :good:

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Well, since I was off on Tuesday night I put the new material on the headliner board.




I got some done at night, but ran out of the spray adhesive and finished in the morning.




All in all it came out pretty well. The corners have some small wrinkles here and there, but I believe most of it will be covered by the plastics on the pillars. All in all I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm awaiting a few parts to come in to add the overhead console before I can do the install. Also, I have a wiring harness to power the overhead console lights and compass/temperature display mirror, so I need to figure out where the old one runs and how to swap them out as well as where to add the temp sensor in the harness.


On another note, I'm looking into lifting the truck. I am stuck between getting stock shackles (prior owner installed drop shackles) with new shocks and a leveling kit, or a 3" Rough Country lift. Seems like pricing for each is about the same. I currently have 265/70R17 tires so I believe with a 3" lift it'll still look good.


3" is the max I will go, and the tires are still fairly new so I won't change then out. I don't need anything fancy or high performance, I just want a more aggressive look and some decent clearance for forest roads.


Input is appreciated!

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Well, another Tuesday has passed, therefore I have more progress to post.


I got all the parts/hardware required for getting everything together so last night I was able to get everything installed.


First was the cab wiring harness swap. Old one is on the left, new one on the right.



Swapping the mirrors. Old on left, new on right:



Spot where the overhead console screws in:



Hooking up wiring in cab. Measuring for overhead console cut:



New harness plugged in by the parking brake pedal. Plugs are the red one on the bottom and top right white one:



Getting the headliner in:





Testing ambient air temp sensor and verifying wiring using alligator clip jumper:



Ambient temp sensor behind the grille:



Wiring from the sensor running along the inner, driver side fender:



Temp sensor spliced into the harness:



New mirror fully functional:



New headliner fully installed:



Old headlights:



New headlights in:


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Nice. I love my Gentex mirror with compass/temp

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So the other day my OEM shackles arrived. At $70 for the set I couldn't say no.


How it was in the rear:



Old shackle out: (I thought I had a pick of it in..I can;t find it)





New set in:






Before and after: (A bit hard to tell, better from rear)



All in all the truck is a much better, rigid ride.


Next I plan on this:


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