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11/27/208 - Black Friday on Log Corral

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we had 4 rigs on the log corral trip last friday, including brand new Premium Club member jnrich1 (welcome!)...


there was another group of 25+ well built rigs in front of us, but we only caught up to them once for a very short wait.



here we are at the top of the saddle, 3 rubi's and my station wagon:





the log corral shack... needs work, but check out that view! ;)





i did a quick poll at our lunch-by-the-lake stop and everyone was game to take the long way out (by the old Sunflower FS admin site) - and so we did! that made for a really long day, but we managed to hit the 87 again before dark.





thanks Kevin, Chris, and Jerry (and families) for coming out on Black Friday to wheel!

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